The NFT hype is all over the planet, from games to artworks and even sports. The NBA, the most prestigious basketball league association in the world, has an entry to NFT through the "NBA Top Shot."

For solid NBA fans who want to start collecting NFT cards, you can begin by knowing the most expensive "NBA Top Shot" digital cards in 2021.

From LeBron James to the current champion, Giannis Antetokoumpo, here is the information that you should know about the most valuable NFT sports memorabilia in the NBA.

Highest-Valued NBA Top Shot Cards

2021 NBA Finals - Game Four
(Photo : Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - JULY 14: Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 of the Milwaukee Bucks dunks against the Phoenix Suns during the first half in Game Four of the NBA Finals at Fiserv Forum on July 14, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to Sports Naut's report on Friday, Sept. 17, the top 10 most expensive NFT cards in "NBA Top Shot" are the following:

LeBron James' Dunk on Kings ($1,000,000)

Of all the ten "NBA Top Shot" digital cards right now, the priciest NFT piece that you can get is the memorable dunk of "The King" versus Sacramento Kings.

For a whopping price of $1,000, you can now obtain this rare digital card. Its average sale price hits $29,159.20. The twist with this NFT card is you can only grab it upon challenge completion. Pulling it from packs won't get you one.

Series: Holo MMXX (Series 1)

Top sale: $99,999 (#12) - Feb 3, 2021

Rarity: Legendary (1 of 32)

Derrick Rose's Reverse Layup ($1,000,000)

Who could forget the explosive Derrick Rose during his younger years? Well, for "NBA Top Shot" fans, the youngest MVP's iconic layup carries the same price as Lebron's NFT.

Its average sale price is $11,998.80.

Series: From the Top (Series 1)

Top sale: $19,999 (#56) - Feb 26, 2021

Rarity: Legendary (1 of 59)

LeBron Dunks at Staples Center ($1,000,000)

This "NBA Top Shot" card again involves a clash of King James against the Sacramento squad. Regarded as one of the greatest posters in the NBA, this card can be obtained from packs.

At the time of publication, $68,263.80 remains to be its average selling price.

Series: Cosmic (Series 1)

Top sale: $208,000 (#29) - Feb 22, 2021

Rarity: Legendary (1 of 49)

Ja Morant's Poster Dunk ($475,000)

This young cager has impressed many critics since he debuted in the NBA in 2019. His rookie season is full of highlights of his stellar dunks and layups.

This time around, you can get Morant's "NBA Top Shot" card through accomplishing the Challenge Reward.

Currently, you can sell this for an average price of $22,339.60.

Series: Holo MMXX (Series 1)

Top sale: $100,000 (#8) - Feb 22, 2021

Rarity: Legendary (1 of 25)

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Zion Williamson's First Career Block ($149,995)

NBA collectors should not get away with this rare NFT of one of the most hyped rookies: Zion Williamson. This "NBA Top Shot" card is unforgettable for the fans since it describes the young man's first block of his career.

You can snipe this digital card for $38,613.60, its sale price on average.

Series: Cosmic (Series 1)

Top sale: $79,999 (Serial #39) - Aug 7, 2021

Rarity: Legendary (1 of 49)

Giannis Antetokounmpo's Dunk ($125,000)

The most expensive "NBA Top Shot" cards will not be complete without the Greek Freak's presence. The digital card features the Bucks star dashing past his two defenders, then later going for a poster dunk.

Currently, its average sale price is $56,799.60.

Series: Cosmic (Series 1)

Top sale: $95,000 (#47) - Feb 24, 2021

Rarity: Legendary (1 of 49)

According to Sportskeeda, investing in platforms such as "NBA Top Shot" is good since the sport's popularity soars together with the value of the NFTs.

Blockchain investors can see this as a fine outlet for profit. However, since these are non-fungible tokens, their prices are subject to change every time.

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