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Roblox introduces an age verification process for its users. The process is applicable for those who wish to try out spatial voice features on its user-generated content.

Roblox's Age Verification

The community of the company expands annually. Around 50% of the users on the platform are over the age of 13, as per the company's second-quarter records.

Roblox wants to make sure that the platform is safe for every single user.

The new opt-in age verification service for users is one of the ways that the company has thought of to ensure that authorized people are using the platform.

The new service is an important structural element of Roblox's metaverse since several virtual worlds are interconnected via the company's platform.

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Since Roblox is a metaverse company, it believes that age verification is one of the components to keep the system safe.

The company wants to make sure that the communication on the platform is age-appropriate. Spatial voice, which is available in a limited Developer Beta, will be available to users who verify that they are 13 years of age, according to VentureBeat.

To make sure that the players are eligible to use spatial voice when it becomes public, they will have to verify their age and be notified once the spatial voice is available.

Age verification will soon be available to users worldwide. It may take time before everyone can see the option pop up in their accounts.

New workflows and features for creators and developers will become available to those who successfully verify their ages.

Also, according to TechCrunch, aside from delivering age-appropriate experiences, both the creators and developers can rely on identity verification when looking for collaborators on the platform.

Verified status allows the platform to know that user is who they really claim they are.

How the Age Verification Works

The age verification process comes in two stages. First, an identification document check is done, then the user needs to take a selfie to make sure it matches the ID, according to The Verge.

On the Roblox app, users need to scan their ID card, passport, or their driver's license. The app checks the data on the document and matches it to the types that it has in store to make sure that it is legitimate.

The user will then be asked to capture a selfie to check for likeness and liveness. The liveness check makes sure that the user is a living, breathing person taking the selfie and not just a static image.

The likeness check ensures that the person in the picture is the same person as the one on the ID or passport. It reviews the facial features and any special marks to make sure they match.

Starting Sept. 21, the age verification service will be rolled out and will be expanded in the next few weeks. The feature will be available in over 180 countries.

The feature will be accessed on both desktop and mobile for anyone who is 13 years of age or older.

Roblox stated that the passports are accepted, aside from government-issued IDs, including Green cards, residence cards, and driver's licenses.

The company has been making several updates on the platform for a better gaming experience.

In 2016, Roblox expanded into VR with Oculus Rift.

In early September, Roblox announced that it will be adding a voice chatting feature soon.

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