Although Overwatch 2 is currently still in development, the series' very own executive producer has actually quit Blizzard, and the company notes that this is to get "some time off." Learn more about Chacko Sonny.

Blizzard's Chacko Sonny

Chacko Sonny, who has reportedly been with Blizzard ever since 2016 and has reportedly worked on both of the Overwatch games. He reportedly announced his departure to colleagues just recently, according to the report by Bloomberg. In addition to his role when it comes to Overwatch, he was actually also a company Vice President as well.

According to the story by Kotaku, a statement was released by Blizzard noting he will be leaving the company to take some time off after a solid five years of service. The company then assured that the talented Overwatch team is now making quite excellent progress when it comes to Overwatch 2.

The company also noted that thanks to their hard work, the game is reportedly in the final stages of production. Blizzard notes that they will be sharing more during the Overwatch League Grand Finals to come later this September.

Who Else Quit Blizzard

This would mean that the announcement could come this weekend with an expected big Overwatch 2 news event that is scheduled for September 25, 2021. Although neither Blizzard's statement or Sonny's very own farewell email to his colleagues mentions some sort of ongoing crisis within the company, he actually joins the ever-growing list of departures, including Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan last April.

Diablo 4 game director Luis Barriga last August and lead designer Jesse McCree, as well as World of Warcraft designer Jonathan LeCraft, were reportedly let go from Blizzard as well. J. Allen Brack, Blizzard's president, also quit in August at the exact same time as Jesse Meschuk, the head of HR, while the company's chief legal officer reportedly resigned just recently. Sponsors have reportedly pulled support coming from the company's very own esports.

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Chacko Sonny Legacy

According to an article by CNBC, shares of the popular video gaming company actually sank by 4.1% after the recent Wall Street Journal report regarding the SEC investigation into the company's allegations. Learn more about the Activision walkout 2021. Chacko Sonny has been involved with a lot of different titles from Blizzard games, as seen on a list by MobyGames.

Chacko Sonny has also been a name closely recognized in multiple gaming-related companies, as seen on his LinkedIn profile starting as a producer at Activision in 1995-1998. After this, he became a founding partner, chief financial officer, and creative director of Savage Entertainment, LLC from 1998 up to 2010.

In 2010-2012, he reportedly became the Studio Head of Activision's Beachhead Studio. After this, he then took four years working for Sony Computer Entertainment America as the director of product development in the internal studio from 2012-2014 and the external studio from 2014-2016.

He then worked at Blizzard Entertainment from 2016 as a production director and 2018 up to just recently as an executive producer and vice president.

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