"iPhone Storage Almost Full" notification mistakenly alerts some users after installing the latest iOS 15 update.

​​'iPhone Storage Almost Full' Alerts Mistakenly Pop Up After iOS 15 Update—What to Do?
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BRAZIL - 2021/06/08: In this photo illustration the iOS 15 logo seen displayed on a smartphone with an Apple logo in the background. Apple has started its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), an information technology conference, where it presented the iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12 and watchOS 8.

The latest bug from iOS 15 comes as it was released last Sept. 20 to the public in its beta run, together with the iPad OS 15.

'iPhone Storage Almost Full' Notification on iOS 15

And just two days after its wider roll-out, some users are already experiencing a bug on the next-gen iOS of iPhones, as per MacRumors.

The news outlet further observed that iOS 15 users have been flooding social media platforms about its latest seemingly widespread glitch.

For instance, numerous users are sharing their experience on Twitter after updating to iOS 15, wherein an incorrect notification claims that there is not enough storage.

However, users are surprised to see that they still have massive storage on their iPhones upon confirming via the Settings app.

One Twitter user that goes by the username @laurasaurus noted that she still has a massive 50GB free storage on her device. But despite that, she still gets a notification that warns about an "almost full" memory.

The Twitter user further mentioned the Twitter account of Apple Support to let them know that the notification started appearing after she updated to iOS 15.

In addition, there are tons of Twitter accounts mentioning @AppleSupport to inform the Cupertino giant about the issue, but the iPhone maker is yet to fix the bug.

For now, Apple Support is asking iPhone users to restart their devices, but the latter claim that it does nothing to help.

That said, according to ZDNet, the reason for the persistent incorrect storage notification is still unclear.

Incorrect Alert on iOS 15: How to Remove?

What's more, it also turns out that the annoying notification about full storage could not be dismissed inside the Settings app.

So, it is there to say until someone finds a fix--or better yet, Apple rolls out a solution to the bug.

Another Twitter user, @monica_melanie, told Apple Support that "nothing happens" when she clicked on the notification. Thus, she left with the alert even if her iPhone storage is still more than enough.

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iOS 15 'Almost Full Storage': What to Do?

So far, while there is no concrete solution out there, users are only left with one thing to do: ignore the incorrect alert.

It is to note that deleting bulks of files will not help the situation as the alert is a mere glitch.

According to Apple Insider, the Cupertino giant has already rolled out the testing of iOS and iPadOS 15.1 last Sept. 21.

However, MacRumors suggested in its same report that Apple is likely to release the 15.1 to a wider group due to the storage alert issue.

So, it would be best to wait for it, at least for now.

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