Elon Musk has praised the Tesla Giga Shanghai many times now, but this time, it is because of the company's contribution to the overall export of electric vehicles globally. The tech CEO has pointed out that it is the Model Y that is the focus of the Gigafactory in China, something which would soon be fulfilled by Giga Berlin.

Tesla Giga Shanghai's Importance

Elon Musk Tesla Giga Shanghai
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Elon Musk has laid out the timeline or schedule of Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai in China, especially as it is one of the most worked plants, as it is expected to deliver. And when we say deliver, it means to provide the world with its need for the Tesla Model Y in the first half of the year, meaning it works to have cars delivered globally.

On the other hand, the CEO revealed that the next quarter or the supposed third of the year would focus on delivering it to other parts of China or the remote ones. Next, or the last quarter, would be focused on nearby places or Shanghai's.

Tesla Recalls China-made Model 3 and Model Y — Owners Not Required to Return Vehicles?
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SHANGHAI, CHINA - MARCH 29: An aerial view of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory on March 29, 2021 in Shanghai, China. Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory is reportedly producing vehicles at a rate of about 450,000 cars per year.

The method of Tesla Giga Shanghai highly shows that it prioritizes the export or delivery of Model Y in the whole world, something which would help its massive demand from the market. It is now known that the Model Y is the most bought Tesla car, as it is cheap and reliable, the best way to get an entry-level EV.

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Tesla Giga Berlin

On the other hand, Tesla's Giga Berlin is coming soon to help ease the production of Giga Shanghai and help in delivering the Model Y, which the world needs. Moreover, it would not only be rolling out the Model Y as there were leaks or speculations that it would be the site for future Tesla vehicles.

The Giga Berlin is close to finishing, and Musk said that he would be visiting the plant again this October, giving the locals a tour of the gigafactory.

Tesla Future with Gigafactories

Tesla Model Y
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It was initially said that the Tesla Model Y would be the focus of the upcoming Gigafactory Berlin, bringing the latest battery pack with the 4680 power cells, which are known to be a venture awaited by fans. However, the older Model Y was said to be cheaper in production via Giga Shanghai, something which is projected as a massive boost in Tesla's sales.

The gigafactories are a massive help in the production and parts of the clean energy company's electric vehicle components, along with accessories and smart home products. What gives them an edge is that it is a facility that focuses on research and development as well, something that would appraise the product which they have.

That being said, a supposed fourth location of a gigafactory is coming in another country, something which would help Tesla achieve more of its volume production and development of its cars.

What sets gigafactories apart is that Tesla makes sure that these plants are big and can accommodate massive orders of vehicles.

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