Tesla's FSD Beta 10 version has been shown that it does not work that well with cone obstacles on the road, as a user has evaluated its performance and shown the flaws of the service.

Here, Elon Musk said that it would change for the better, as the company would soon release the Beta version 10.1, and it aims to fix the past's mistakes and shortcomings.

Elon Musk FSD Beta 10.1 is Coming for the Better

Tesla FSD Cone Issue
(Photo : Earl of FrunkPuppy via Twitter Screenshot)

As revealed by the tech CEO via his Twitter page (@elonmusk), the FSD Beta version 10.1 would have "solved" the cone issue, which was demonstrated in the video he replied to. That means that the company has already worked with the feature, something it would soon debut when it is ready or according to its plans.

In a separate tweet, the Tesla CEO was asked about a separate feature for the electric vehicles, and it asked about the "visualization" of the FSD feature. It is not necessarily the "control" of the vehicle, but more of its eye or vision to be coming for non-FSD beta users, which also drives a Tesla car. Musk said that it would come in the next month, and this hints that its integration would also bring the Beta 10.1 version, which would improve the NN and AI of the FSD for when it drives.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10 Fails to Avoid Cone Obstacles

The video posted on Twitter by FrunkPuppy's Earl, the Tesla FSD Beta 10, needed intervention when going through cones or when there is a road diversion for when something is fixed or built in the streets.

Several parts show that the Tesla FSD Beta 10 has not successfully navigated through the course and has suggested improvements for that. It is important to note that the FSD 10 was said to be "street-ready" but has not mentioned it being construction-street ready.

Tesla FSD: Is it a Reliable Autonomous Feature?

Tesla FSD
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Tesla)

The Tesla FSD 10 has arrived in September, but it is not yet the version with the "trained" NN or neural network which the company aims to debut. Nevertheless, it is a massive improvement from version 9.0 and older ones, as it provides a safer experience which was attested to by a YouTuber that demonstrated the feature.

Despite the many disputes of the Tesla FSD, it is still one promising feature which the EV manufacturer is aiming to debut, as not many car companies have invested in autonomous technology. Tesla's venture into self-driving technology is massive for the world, as the company focuses on safety and integration instead of other flashy features.

The FSD is not yet perfect, but it is aiming to get to the good part and bring one of the best experiences for the public to soon use for their needs. The combination of EVs and self-driving is a massive step for the car industry, something which Tesla has stood by and revolutionized in their existence.

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