Twitter is set to roll out updates in the next two months to fix the "disappearing tweets" issue users have been encountering.

The disappearing tweets issue happens when a tweet is either replied to or threaded while a user is reading it.

The upcoming updates are the latest addition to the other updates and features that Twitter will be rolling out in the future.

Twitter to Roll Out Updates to Fix Disappearing Tweets Issue

Twitter is aiming to fix the issue of disappearing tweets by rolling out a couple of updates within the next two months. The upcoming updates aim to simply prevent tweets from disappearing while a user reads them.

"Let's talk about Tweets disappearing from view mid-read when the timeline seems to auto-refresh. We know it's a frustrating experience, so we're working on changing it," an announcement posted on Twitter Support's Twitter account reads.

According to a report by The Verge, Twitter has not specified what the updates will be. Despite the announcement of the upcoming updates, users should also still expect to encounter the issue of disappearing tweets given the two-month timeframe of the rollout.

What is the Disappearing Tweets Issue?

The disappearing tweets issue usually happens when a user is in the midst of reading a tweet, and the tweet is either replied to by someone else the user follows or the author of the tweet threaded it.

When that happens, Twitter auto-refreshes, and the tweet that the user is reading disappears from view.

"A Tweet would move up the timeline as replies were added to the ongoing convo. Since some convos can evolve quickly, this made it so you didn't see the same Tweet repeated in the TL," reads a follow-up tweet from Twitter Support.


Other Updates to be Expected From Twitter

The days up ahead are exciting for both Twitter and its users as new features and updates are set to come that will enhance the experience of users on the social media app. Earlier this month, Twitter announced an upcoming feature that gives users the option to hide and even archive tweets. The company has not provided an exact date for the rollout of the feature as of press time.

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As of September 15, the social media platform has also been testing its Ticketed Spaces feature. Twitter's Ticked Spaces feature lets certain users monetize their content through tickets their followers will purchase in order to access content on Ticketed Spaces. According to a previous Tech Times report, Twitter's Tip Jar, another feature that helps users monetize content, is rumored to support cryptocurrency wallet addresses such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Twitter has also announced via the account of Twitter Support that the company has started testing labels that make it easier to identify bots and their automated tweets.

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