Twitter was said to be on the verge of introducing hide or archive tweets, causing it to disappear off the platform after a certain time set by the user. The new feature is still in the "concept phase" and is not yet available for users to enjoy. 

It would help in giving people control over their tweets, as it would choose what to hide and keep private, instead of fully deleting it off the Twitter sphere. 

The short word social media company has been more of a "people-centric" platform, as the updates have focused on giving back to influencers and allowing people to profit off the app

Before this, Twitter has no mode of profits aside from third-party ones, and it has competed with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Twitter Hide, Archive Tweets Feature

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Initially, this feature was reported by Bloomberg, and the hide or archive tweets option was for people's privacy and safety on the platform, as these may work as electronic receipts. The feature is not yet released by the company, but it would soon come based on speculations of the application's feature. 

What it does is to help by setting a tweet to disappear or be archived from one's profile to Twitter's private servers. This would then only be seen by users and is kept off the public. It was not revealed whether it would have a separate tab via the platform, like that of Instagram which has a separate "Archives" tab. 

In the photo and video sharing platform, users can hide or bring back a post under their jurisdiction and preference, mixing and matching with their feeds. Currently, several key details remain unknown from Twitter, especially with particulars on the said venture of the company when it comes to their next offer. 

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When is it Coming?

The concept is promising, and it helps users to control more of their feed and what the public or their followers can see. According to The Verge, additional features and options are also coming like limiting those who can see your likes, removing one's self from a thread of conversation, or remove certain followers. 

All of these fall under security features, and their integration to the app would be massive as it encompasses a lot of security features that users ask of. As of now, there are no release dates of when the feature would be released by the tech company. 

Additionally, this is not yet confirmed by Twitter itself. 

How to Remove Tweets from Profile Now?

Users can already limit those who can reply to a conversation, but not hide the tweet in general without deleting it. That being said, the only way to delete a tweet from one's profile now is to delete them. 

Some people like to clean the house, while some prefer to keep it that way. However, not all prefer to delete a tweet, and it is the only option for now, in removing it from one's timeline. 

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