Realistic 3D Holograms Could Bring Virtual Handshakes to a Whole New Level
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Realistic 3D Holograms Could Bring Virtual Handshakes to a Whole New Level

Realistic 3D holograms could now bring virtual handshakes to a whole new level. This brings certain sci-fi technologies like those seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation holodecks closer to reality.

Hologram Technology

Holograms are already being used, as seen in an article by Nature, for multiple ways in education, medical systems, defense, art, and security. Scientists are now still developing certain methods to use modern digital processors, lasers, and even motion-sensing technology in order to create different types of holograms, as seen on Interesting Engineering.

According to the story by iFLScience, a research group from the University of Glasgow has been able to develop a brand new system of holograms of people through the use of aerohaptics. This is through creating "feelings of touch" by using jets of air. The jets of air reportedly deliver the "sensation of touch" on people's own fingers, wrists, and hands.

Commercially Available Parts Used

In the future, this could reportedly be developed in order for people to be able to meet some sort of virtual avatar of a colleague that is on the other side of the world and actually feels their handshake. This could potentially even be the very first step towards being able to build something just like a holodeck.

For this to be done, the research group reportedly used affordable and commercially available parts and even paired them with computer-generated graphics that have carefully directed as well as controlled jets of air. The unique approach's use of commercially available parts makes it easier to procure and thus easier to produce.

Handset Capable of Delivering 3D Graphics

In a number of different ways, it is also a step beyond the current generation of actual virtual reality. This would usually require a handset to be able to deliver 3D graphics as well as smart gloves or certain handheld controllers in order to help provide haptic feedback, which is a simulation that somehow feels just like touch. Hologram technology, although already available, can still be very costly, going up to $60,000 just to make the machine work!

Most of the reported wearable gadgets-based approaches are actually limited to controlling the whole virtual object that is being displayed. It was noted that controlling a virtual object actually does not give the feeling that one would really experience when two people are physically touching one another.

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Artificial Touch Sensations to Provide Realistic Experience

It was noted that the addition of a certain artificial touch sensation could reportedly deliver the additional dimensions even without having to wear gloves or to feel objects. This reportedly also feels much more natural.

Although hologram technology might still seem far from how sci-fi movies project it, the new innovation could provide a different approach towards holograms. Other hologram highlights include the time Kanye West had a hologram made of Kim Kardashian's late father as a gift for her birthday.

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