The new Discord Watch Together feature now being tested. The innovation was announced after YouTube required the giant messaging platform, used by millions of consumers across the globe, to take down its popular Rythm feature permanently. 

New Discord Watch Together as Rythm's Replacement! YouTube Streaming Using Screen-Share Feature To Arrive
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"One way or another we knew this was due to happen eventually," explained Discord Rythm creator Yoav.   

Many fans were disappointed after Rythm was taken down since it has more than 560 million Discord users and around 30 million active consumers each month. 

However, this could all change once Discord releases its new Watch Together mode. The new feature specifically allows users to stream YouTube videos, which are properly synced. They can do this within their own servers. 

New Discord Watch Together Feature Could Arrive

According to Mashable's latest report, Discord already tested a similar feature back in 2020. However, YT also forced the giant online platform to discontinue its popular Groovy feature. 


New Discord Watch Together as Rythm's Replacement! YouTube Streaming Using Screen-Share Feature To Arrive
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YouTube even released a legal cease and desist letter to Discord's Groovy Bot back in August. Due to the continuous bot removal of YT, Discord decided to work on another feature so that its consumers can stream videos and other content on YouTube freely. 

As of the moment, it seems like YouTube has no intention of preventing the development of the new Watch Together feature. Not much is known about it as well. Right now, the best thing you can do as a consumer is to wait for Discord's official announcements as the launch schedule nears, which is expected to happen by the end of October. 

What Makes Discord Watch Together Different? 

AOL explained that the new Discord Watch Together feature would be quite different from Groovy and Rythm. When it comes to mechanics, Rythm allows consumers to access videos on YouTube while they are using their Discord servers. 

Whenever they watch YT content, they can also avoid annoying YouTube advertisements. However, Google claims that this function violates its terms of service. This is one of the main reasons why it was removed. 

However, this problem might no longer appear in the new Watch Together app since enthusiasts explained that the new function is more in line with Discord's screen-share feature. Instead of jumping audio through a voice chat, users can play YT content on the platform's actual screen. 

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