The United Kingdom has ruled out that AIs or artificial intelligence cannot set forth its patents or have an invention or innovation named after them after an appeal by one Dr. Stephen Thaler. The researcher has set forth several innovations to be named after the AI he used, something which is somehow unnatural for the courts. 

UK Court Rules Out AI Patents

The case of Thaler vs. Comptroller General of Patents Trade Marks and Designs has focused on the United Kingdom's view on AI and its right to push forward an invention for society. It has examined the possibility of having an AI take credit for its work, something which was not yet that of an open possibility in the country.

AI Patents in the UK Gets Denied
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Offloaded Agency, is pictured during a photocall to promote the forthcoming exhibition entitled "AI: More than Human", at the Barbican Centre in London on May 15, 2019. - Managing the health of the planet, fighting against discrimination, innovating in the arts: the fields in which artificial intelligence (AI) can help humanity are innumerable.

That being said, the "AI DABUS" or technology by Thaler, which he put down as the "inventor" of the technology that they are trying to patent, was dismissed and denied. According to Engadget, the case was raised by Thaler against UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which has initially denied his case. 

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AI Inventions, Innovations

There has been a lot of research that focused on the inventions and innovations of AI, something which people have been seeing a lot during these modern times. AI is here to help humans and give them an easier life or task to fulfill and help them with inventions that they would soon put forward.

This is where the question comes, asking, "Do AIs need to be credited for their work?"

AI's Tech is Not Yet to Replace Humans

Artificial Intelligence technologies are smart and are something that already pars or tops human intelligence for several factors, especially with the lack of emotions and hesitancy in performing a task. AI can help in bringing content for people via social media and streaming apps and can also be the focus of a lot of innovations. 

In the US, AI Patents were also denied, as a court argued that only natural people could push forward their inventions and have them named after them, and not a piece of technology. The argument comes from the fact that AI was created by humans, and it is still the intelligence of a person which made the invention possible, and not the tech. 

Several countries already support AI to push forward inventions, and while they would have different rules for that, nations like the UK and US still believe that it is too early for these types of cases. 

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