Elon Musk has called Tesla's board advisor called the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) "ISIS," after it has advised against the re-election of Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch. There would be an upcoming board meeting for shareholders of the clean energy company, and its members would get to decide who will be put into a managerial position.

Boards, shareholders, and investors play an important role in massive and public companies as they are the ones that watch over the actions of the CEO and how the company runs.

It is important to know that once the company is public, it can remove even the founder and CEO if they are not part of the board members, as it is funded by shareholders.

Elon Musk Calls ISS as 'ISIS'

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The clean energy company CEO (@elonmusk) has opened up his stand and position against the so-called Institutional Shareholder Services company or ISS, as they are against the re-election of Kimbal Musk. Musk has called the company "ISIS" or same as the Middle Eastern terror group called the Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant.

Musk, without saying it directly, has called the shareholder services company a terror or a terrorist as they give key points and advice that go against the people that are part of the board. Not only is Kimbal Musk the person that the ISS wants to be removed or prohibited from being re-elected, but also James Murdoch.

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Musk did not explain further after he called them "ISIS," as the tech CEO has only expressed his opinion about the advice.

Elon Musk: Tesla ISS Advise Against Kimbal Musk

The CEO has replied to Teslarati's report, which talked about the advice against the brother of the Tesla co-founder by ISS, and it has revealed that there will be an upcoming board election for this year. Tesla's board would get a re-organization from this vote, leaving out those with no contributions for the company and having those that would improve for their future ventures.

However, two key people that the ISS has advised against are known to have no deep background in cars and automotive, something which was the key narrative of the shareholder services for its statement.

Kimbal Musk is focused on the restaurant or culinary business, which he has ventured on, while James Murdoch was known to be a former CEO of 21st Century Fox.

Kimbal Musk is an Important Person for Tesla

Elon Musk has not expanded on Kimbal Musk's importance for Tesla, but it was attested to by fans and enthusiasts who have replied to the comment by the tech CEO.

According to Whole Mars Catalog via Twitter, he would be re-electing both Kimbal Musk and Murdoch for their position at Tesla's board. The blog post website said that Kimbal's influence over Elon has roots in when they first arrived in Silicon Valley, California, and when the pair started on their ventures and businesses.

That being said, Kimbal was said to be a massive influence on Elon Musk, especially as he too is a smart and intellectual person that "deserves" a spot on Tesla's board.

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