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Apple iOS 15 Siri now has a few features removed, which could potentially make things harder for the visually impaired. These features include voice calls, voicemail messages, and even email management.

Apple iOS 15 and iOS 14

According to the story by AppleInsider, Apple device users who reportedly rely on the company's accessibility features are currently complaining about the recent changes that were made to Siri. These changes include the removal of certain commands for voice calls, voicemail messages, and even email management.

The latest and most up-to-date version of the iOS 15 and even the previous iOS 14 no longer include the needed Siri integrations for certain functions that were reportedly leveraged as useful accessibility shortcuts for those users that are visually impaired. There were a total of seven commands that were no longer available.

New iOS Update for Siri

As of the moment, the seven commands that cover voice calls, call history, voicemails, and even email creation that had previously been available to Siri users are no longer usable in the latest iOS 15 or iOS 14. Other commands could also be reportedly affected. The new iOS 15 also allows users to play background sounds when they are listening to music through AirPods or other audio devices.

Check out the list of commands that are no longer available on Siri:

  • Check my recent calls

  • Do I have any voicemails?

  • Check my call history

  • Who called me?

  • Play my voicemail messages

  • Send an email to

  • Send an email

Asking Siri about users' call history would then get the response that Siri won't be able to "help with that" then a suggestion that users can ask Siri to open the Phone app. Other similar messages are provided for email as well as voicemail requests.

When Did the Change Happen?

As of the moment, it remains unclear when or if Apple deprecated the new Siri terms. MacRumors, however, reported on the developments and noted that it received a number of reports on the matter.

The change could have actually happened when Apple was getting ready with a public launch of its new iOS 15. As of the moment, the report by AppleInsider notes that users will still be able to access certain data through using Siri, including most recent calls as well as voicemails.

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Apple Removal of Siri Commands

It is also still unknown if the removal can be tracked all the way back to a bug or if this is now an intentional decision made by Apple. Forum users on AppleVis, a certain website that serves as a resource for those either blind or has low vision users of Apple products, noted the actual removal of certain Siri commands.

A certain person even contacted Apple support and was simply told that the whole company is now aware of the email issue. They even suggested a fix is incoming for the current problem. For those that get the "iPhone storage almost full" message when updating the iOS 15, here's a fix.

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