The ongoing pandemic still affects the world, forcing many residents in different countries to stay at home. Because of this, they tend to purchase their daily needs and wants online.

Now, giant retailers, online sellers, and small businesses are making considerable efforts to provide for their customers' needs. However, since they lack staff, their capabilities as sellers are currently limited by the global health crisis.

In this case, they need to use various gadgets that would help them efficiently manage their businesses. These include the so-called PDA or Personal Digital Assistant.

MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner as Your Best Business Partner!
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PDA is a portable device that allows you to manage your business. It is currently used by various retailers and e-commerce companies across the globe to check their product databases.

This advanced device could be a combination of cell phone, camera, web browser, planner, and other features that would help small and big businesses. PDA allows employees and other staff to connect with one another, keep track of appointments, check your product databases, and more.

New business owners tend to disregard the use of PDAs since they think that advanced computers and smartphones are more capable of managing their businesses. However, large retailers and other similar companies know that PDAs are efficient when handling their services and products since it offers the features of a PC and a handset.

There are different types of PDAs right now. These include the so-called mobile barcode scanners, a handheld device that enables businesses and companies to store their goods' information more efficiently.

They can use the mobile barcode scanner with individual products or even large groups of items, consisting of thousands or even millions of stocks.

As of the moment, many tech developers are offering their own models of barcode scanners. One of the popular PDAs right now is MUNBYN Handheld Mobile Computer Scanner.

Right now, most barcode scanners work by scanning the products' barcodes and then sending them to a decoder, such as a PC. After that, the decoder would then convert the barcode into text containing all the features and other information of the scanned product.

But, this would still take a lot of time to be completed. This is what MUNBYN wants to solve using its Android scanner, which allows you to scan barcodes without the need of sending the data you acquired to a separate PC or laptop.

This means that MUNBYN's Android barcode scanner could remove the need for additional gadgets, which can be critical for many starting businesses and small retailers.

To give you more idea about this advanced Android handheld scanner, here is a backgrounder about the company and the reasons why this MUNBYN product can help growing businesses:

MUNBYN's Expertise

MUNBYN is still considered a young and progressive manufacturer since they were founded back in 2015. Their business mainly focuses on POS systems.

They offer point-of-sale products, such as thermal printers, POS terminals, as well as barcode scanners. MUNBYN is a company that can easily adapt its products to the needs of consumers by introducing new concepts of vitality, simplicity, and specialty.

They advocate for green energy conservation in product development while delivering breakthrough solutions for retailing, logistics, warehousing, and catering industries. Innovation is their mantra towards an intelligent future, not only for the company but also for their clients.

This rising tech firm is already partnering with other manufacturers, including the industry giant, Zebra, which offers barcode scanner heads and other essential products used by e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics firms.

Now, MUNBYN is offering their own Android barcode scanner integrated with the barcode scanner head of Zebra, which promises speed and accuracy.

These are just some of the reasons why the MUNBYN Android barcode scanner can exceed the usual expectations among other brands in the market. Here are more reasons why new businesses could use this advanced PDA.

MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner as Your Best Business Partner!
(Photo : MUNBYN)

MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner as Your Best Business PDA

Barcodes are machine-readable codes, which are usually represented by numbers and parallel lines. Now, some types are only maze-like boxes, which are smaller and more precise.

Amazon and other giant retailers or sellers are currently using these barcodes so that they don't have to put all the details of their products in text form.

Also, barcodes allow them to keep track of the items they sell or products left behind. However, business owners and companies still need an excellent scanner to check all their available items for inventory, record keeping, data tracking, and product registration.

MUNBYN's Android Handheld Scanner efficiently provides these functionalities, making it one of the best options for warehouses, logistics, and transportation agencies.

What MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner Actually Offers

The development of the MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner provided the logistics transportation personnel and warehouse management employees with a robust and durable PDA, which offers cost-effective features that would help them make business management easier.

In addition, those who developed their own software can expect compatibility with the equipment without compromising its fast speed and long scanning distance.

MUNBYN explained that their handheld mobile computer is entirely compatible with different systems since regular consumers purchase it as their primary equipment. After their purchase, they could integrate their own software, leading to new products for secondary sales.

Advantages against other competitors (Pros)

  • MUNBYN guarantees the speed and accuracy of the scanning function.

  • The Android scanner is 1.5m drop-proof and sturdy against the 1.2m specs of others.

  • It is also integrated with IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade features and good sealing, allowing it to survive harsh environments for a long time.

  • This handheld mobile computer sports an ergonomic design that easily fits grip, leading to a more comfortable experience.

  • It offers the Android 9.0 operating system, a new technology among android handheld scanners that typically have only up to Android 8.0.

  • The Android Handheld Scanner is paired with Qualcomm's solution. The advantage of the android solution is that the device is used as an ordinary Android device. The operation is simple, without the need to spend more time and energy to train new employees.

  • From the typical 8-hour service time, the MUNBYN Scanner offers double with a 16-hour service time.

  • It offers cost-effectiveness for the efficiency brought by the industry leader, Zebra, and the Qualcomm processor that ensures durability and performance for half the price of the big brands in the market.

Possible issues you could experience (Cons)
There are some instances when consumers could experience some technical or design issues in MUNBYN Scanner. The following issues are based on the reviews of some customers:

  • WiFi connection issue

  • Missing screws, which lead to strap defect

  • Bluetooth connectivity issue

  • Computer or PC compatibility issue (Some customers say it appears on their PC but will not connect)

Of course, you can't expect a product in the world to be completely flawless, even other popular brands receive bad reviews for a very small number of errors. Nevertheless, MUNBYN ensures that our technical support team is strong and can provide 24/7 service to solve customers' technical problems.

Even if a few Amazon users report WiFi connection and device compatibility issues, the support team will be responsible for your after-sales service 24/7.

MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner as Your Best Business Partner!
(Photo : MUNBYN)

What Makes MUNBYN Android Scanner Different

Unlike other handheld barcode scanners, MUNBYN's mobile computer is integrated with Android 9.0. This system version is not the latest Android software for mobile phones but new for android scanners.

Most models only offer Android 6 to Android 8. When it comes to durability, this PDA is as hard as a rock, which makes it easier for employees to use it in harsh areas. They don't have to worry about accidentally dropping it or stepping on it since it is sturdy.

Also, its camera setup is efficient since it includes 2MP front-facing sensors and a 13MP rear camera. You can also use it in rooms with dim light since it has its own flashlight. Other notable features are the device memory, screen size, Google services and Android compatibility, and product accessories available.

Aside from these, it also allows you to record your bar scanning activity to check videos if you missed any product. MUNBYN also enables users to scan items without the need for perfect alignment since it offers a 2D scanning feature.

When it comes to battery life, MUNBYN's advanced PDA offers rechargeable 3.8V/4500 mAh battery power. In just four hours of charging, it can efficiently scan for around 10 hours straight, which is way more than the regular working time of an employee.

Right now, MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner is available on Amazon for $579, with other promotions available. See more details about this advanced business PDA and own one today.

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