Man Married Rice Cooker, Fell Out of Love, and Divorced It After 4 Days
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Man Married Rice Cooker, Fell Out of Love, and Divorced It After 4 Days

A certain man from Indonesia has experienced a brief but peculiar stint at married life not with a fellow human but rather with his electrical "bride." The Indonesian man reportedly married his rice cooker and, with a "heavy heart," decided to divorce it after just four days of marriage.

Anam Marries Rice Cooker

Khoirul Anam from Magelang Java, had just recently announced his wedding on Facebook by posting the official pictures of the said nuptial ceremony. The pictures showed Anam wearing the traditional white wedding attire while his "bride" was also dressed for the occasion.

Anam's now ex-wife, the rice cooker, was reportedly dressed in a traditional white veil for the official signing of the documents. In the post's caption, Khoirul expressed his affection and sentiments towards the rice cooker he decided to marry, according to a story by 9gag.

Man Marries and Divorces Rice Cooker

Anam shared his sentiments, noting the rice cooker was white, loving, and also obedient. The statement also included the obvious benefits of having a rice cooker as a wife, noting that "without you, my rice is not cooked." With an estimate of 25% of millennials possibly not getting married, Anam has married and gotten divorced in a span of four days.

Although the news was humorously celebrated around the internet, the story turned even more interesting as just four days after the wedding, Anam then decided to divorce his ex-wife, the rice cooker. After four days, Anam took it to Facebook yet again to announce that he had divorced the rice cooker due to it only being able to do one thing, cook rice.

Who is Khoirul Anam

A report by India Today shared that Khoirul Anam is actually well known for pulling quite eccentric antics on his social media account in order to entertain his followers. This might not be the first time his antics were noticed on social media, but it definitely is the first time that his antics blew up to the extent of popularity it has received now.

The initial Facebook post of Anam's marriage to his rice cooker saw a whopping 8K reactions along with 1.3K comments and 9.9K shares. The story was met with much humor as the reactions it mostly received were a like button and a laughing reaction.


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Was His Divorce Popular?

The reactions reportedly included 4.8K likes, 2.9K laughing emojis, 62 sad emojis, and 40 wow emojis. The second post, however, was not able to meet as much popularity as the first story when the news of his unorthodox marriage broke out.

The Facebook post announcing Anam's divorce with his ex-wife rice cooker received 4.4K reactions, 585 comments, and 831 shares all in all. This comprised 2.5K likes, 1.8K laughing emojis, 77 sad emojis, and 16 wow emojis.

The latest post of Anam as of the writing of this article translated on Facebook to "at least can entertain" while sharing photos of the headlines that his antics have received. While online couples are said to be less likely to marry, Anam tells a different story of a relationship with an appliance.


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