Microsoft is celebrating the release of Windows 11 by giving away free ice cream to everyone, and it serves up the "Bloomberry" flavor, which takes a theme from the new operating system. The special day for Microsoft means a special treat for all its clients and customers, and what better reward than free ice cream.

October 5 is the supposed day that Windows 11 will be releasing, and it is now being celebrated with a frozen treat from Mikey Likes It Ice Cream.

Microsoft Windows 11 Free Ice Cream from Mikey Likes It

Free Ice Cream ALERT: Microsoft is celebrating the Windows 11 release date with Mikey Likes It, and they are giving it away without any costs for everyone in New York City. The giveaway dessert treat for all users is limited to New York only, but that does not mean that only New Yorkers can receive this treatment.

Everyone who happens to come across any of the Mikey Likes It Ice Cream New York City branch are welcome for this freebie from Microsoft. The software company is celebrating the release of Windows 11, which was originally meant for October 5, but has been released a day early for users. Still, October 5 remains as its release date, hence the arrival of the ice cream freebie today.

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Limited New Flavor: Bloomberry

Windows 11 said that Mikey Likes It is a "pop culture dream maker" ice cream company, and it greatly captures the look of the operating system's new user interface and theme, which is called "Bloom." Yes, the ice cream is patterned from the theme of the new Windows 11, and it only fits that it brings a look that is close to what the OS is.

The frozen treat is a blueberry ice cream that comes with blueberry pie filling, pound cake, and candy chocolate pieces. The ice cream is free today only and until supplies last.

It remains unknown if this would be available for a limited time after today, or it would only be a limited flavor that is special to Windows 11.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft's Windows 11 was teased last June, and during the Build conference of the company, something which has greatly signified that it would bring a new system to the public.

Nevertheless, it still brought the public to get excited about the new operating system, something that was a breath of fresh air for Microsoft, especially with Windows 10 already six years old since its 2015 release.

The Redmond giant has been widely known for its software development and operating system, a venture in which they have been very popular and has been widely used by the world now.

Windows remain the most used OS for desktop and laptop PCs now, and Windows 11 has a great impact on this, as it changes the landscape now.

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