Apple iPad Mini 6 LCD Issue | Users Report Discoloration and Distortion as 'Jelly Scrolling' Issue Continues
(Photo : Image from Apple Website) Apple iPad Mini 6 LCD Issue | Users Report Discoloration and Distortion as 'Jelly Scrolling' Issue Continues

Could Apple's new iPad Mini 6 really have its own LCD issue? Users are now reporting both discolorations as well as distortion for the devices. The issue is now being talked about online as the device seems to have a weird effect.

'Jelly Scrolling' Issue Continues

According to the story by 9to5mac, right after the recent iPad mini 6 officially hit stores, users were quick to notice the sort of "jelly scrolling" effect that could be felt on the tablet's display. Apple currently claims that that was actually completely normal and not actually a hardware issue.

Unfortunately, there are still a few users that are experiencing some further problems when it comes to the iPad mini 6's very own LCD panel. The problems revolve closely around both discoloration and distortions. The "jelly scrolling" issue has reportedly even potentially hit demo units.

Reddit User Shares More on LCD Display

A certain Reddit user then shared that some units of the whole sixth-gen iPad mini line might actually have had a manufacturing malfunction when it came to the 8.3-inch Liquid Retina LCD display. The user was able to notice some distortion as well as discoloration when touching the screen along with the iPad when it came to portrait orientation.

The report notes that the problems actually become more noticeable when the new iPadOS is set to dark mode. This is when users touch the screen with slightly a bit more pressure compared to usual, like when users press and hold something.

iPad Mini 6 Issue

A user notes that they got their own 64GB WiFi iPad Mini 6 about just a week before they started to notice an LCD clearance issue. It was noted that if users put the mini in a vertical orientation with the power button located at the top right, once they push very lightly on the screen, they will be able to see discoloration and distortion located about an inch down as well as in front of the top right.

For a number of models, this will reportedly happen in three different spots along the top of the display when it is made vertical. Even once users receive a replacement unit from Apple, the brand new iPad would still have the exact same problem. iPad mini 6 can come with an LCD option and A15 chip instead as opposed to the mini-LED display upgrade.

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Apple Retail Employee Shares Thoughts

A certain Apple Retail employee noted to the customer that he wouldn't be surprised if Apple would announce a recall for its iPad mini 6 display. As of the moment, this issue isn't really a widespread hardware problem. 

There have only been a few users on Reddit that were able to replicate the distortion, while others noting they have no experience of the problem. Users that are affected can reportedly take their own iPad mini to any Apple Store or Repair Center in order to ask for a new replacement unit.

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