Amazon has opened its first 4-star store outside of the United States. The new store is located in Bluewater, a mall in the southeast of central London. It is also the first Amazon shop in the United Kingdom that sells non-food and non-perishable items.

Amazon 4-Star Store in London

Like the Amazon stores in New York and other states in the United States, the shop in London will sell products rated 4-star and above, those that are top sellers, and those trending on the Amazon U.K. website.

Since the shop can't have all of the products Amazon that sells on their website, it will only feature highly-rated items, and they will be curated, according to TechCrunch.

The lineup will include items across top categories such as toys, games, consumer electronics, kitchen products, books, and more.

Aside from Amazon's top-rated products, the 4-star store will also feature products from all businesses in the U.K. and the e-commerce's own electronics such as Fire tablets, Kindle e-Readers, and Echo speakers.

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The 4-star shop will have sections that correspond to specific sections of the e-commerce website, such as "Most Wished For," which will feature products from the Wish Lists.

"Trending in Bluewater" will showcase items local customers have been purchasing, while "Most Gifted" will have the top items ordered by customers as gifts.

Amazon stated that it would switch out products regularly based on customer feedback and to keep up with the trends, according to Evening Standard.

Digital tags will be placed on products in the 4-star store. The tags will feature the item's average star rating, price, and the number of customer reviews.

In addition, customers do not have to be Prime members to be able to purchase items in the store. The store won't have Amazon's Just Walk Out technology, a technology feature available in Amazon's Fresh grocery store in London.

Just Walk Out by Amazon allows customers to grab items that they need from the shelves and walk out without having to pay at the counter.

Customers can purchase the items from Amazon's U.K. website, and then they can just pick up their order from the physical store the following day, according to Forbes.

Department Store Plans

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon was interested in using empty mall spaces as fulfillment centers. It is also planning to open department store-style locations of its own.

Amazon's plan for its stores is to be smaller than the average 100,000-square-foot JC Penney or Macy's location, as it wants a footprint that is only about 30,000 square feet, basically closer to the size of Kohl's stores.

The store could sell clothing, electronics, and household items, but the e-commerce did not specify the entire list of times that it will sell.

Amazon has a part in the downfall of private firms, and now the e-commerce company is in a position to replace those stores.

If the e-commerce company plans to turn into action, Ohio and California's first locations could pop up.

In 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon bought empty mall spaces in northeastern Ohio. Now, the publication says that it was asking U.S. apparel brands about opening retail stores to show off their items.

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