Intel Alder Lake leaks have almost exclusively shown the flagship Core i9-12900K chip. But now, this one is a little bit more mainstream.

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The i7-12700K was just pictured in several leaked benchmarks, and it is fast; 45% faster, to be exact, against the competing Ryzen 7 5800X from AMD, and Intel's very own 11th gen Core i9-11900K, according to WCCFTech.

The benchmark is in CPU-Z, which tests both single core and multi-core performance, then ranks it in an official list that's regularly updated.

It was once again the Twitter user @TUM_APISAK, who's been leaking out 12900K benchmarks lately, that broke out the news:

As per the tweet, you can clearly see that the mainstream-level Intel Alder Lake chip scores 800.2 in single core, and a cool 9423.2 in multi-core.

If that doesn't sound like much, here's a perspective: that's merely 25 points under the top-end 12900K, and a full 160 points better than its most direct competitor in the 5800X.

Furthermore, the performance jump compared to its 11th gen predecessor (11700K) is roughly 50%. The only CPU it lost to was the Ryzen 9 5900X, although the performance difference is almost negligible at around 2%.

Looks like the excitement of Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has a lot more merit to it, when he basically said that AMD's domination of the CPU market for the past four years was "over" with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids (their server chips).

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Intel Alder Lake Pricing

Intel isn't releasing Alder Lake for at least a few more months, but there's already leaked pricing this early on.

According to PCGamesN, a few Intel 12th gen chips have already been spotted in Amazon UK, France, and Netherlands stores with prices reaching as high as over $1,000 (€919.88, specifically for the 12900K).

This price point definitely puts it in the same bracket as the 5950X.

However, it could be safe to assume that these prices are just placeholders and not the real thing--yet. After all, Intel 12th gen won't be released until November 19 of this year.

Furthermore, USD prices could actually be far lower at an estimated $800 for the 12900K.

The perspective here is that the top-end Intel Alder Lake chip offers far more performance at the same price of the current-gen top dog, which could be considered very disruptive to the market.

Windows 11 Users Beware

As if Intel Alder Lake isn't already wreaking havoc on AMD, Windows 11 then comes into play.

Various reports have shown that Ryzen chips have been suffering from performance loss (around 15%) on the latest Microsoft OS.

There's a fix coming for this issue, but this is already problematic for AMD.

If Windows 11 proves to perform better on Intel chips, then Team Red will have to pull off a hat trick to save the lead they've built over the past four years.

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