Intel feels like their day of redemption is at hand. 

Ahead of the impending release of their Alder Lake desktop CPUs and Sapphire Rapids server CPUs, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger praised the work that AMD has done with their Ryzen line, while also basically saying that Team Red's domination of the past four years is over. 

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MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA MAY 21: CEO of VMware, Patrick P. Gelsinger clicked during a photo shoot in Mumbai.

According to Gelsinger, their upcoming Intel Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids chips are going to bring three "Zen-like" architectural innovations, reported WCCFTech.

The Intel CEO also revealed the company's plans with a solid roadmap covering not just new CPUs, but also GPUs and software APIs. 

Gelsinger did an interview with CRN, wherein he gave props to AMD for the advancements they made in terms of CPU design.

However, he also took a quick jab at their largest competitor, saying that the lead that Ryzen has built over the last few years is now "over" with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids. 

Furthermore, Gelsinger also made a bold claim stating that their Intel Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids chips will be competing in both performance and energy efficiency, two areas that he said AMD won't be competing in. 

Aside from AMD, however, Intel also has to contend with better competition from companies who design Arm-based chips.

Considering how Intel Alder Lake is a hybrid, Arm-based design, they should be quite concerned.

But the Intel CEO doesn't seem to be fazed by this at all. 

He then goes on to how Intel plans to lead in product, packaging, process, software, and workloads, such as graphics, media, power-performance, and even AI, which the company plans to tackle "aggressively," according to Tom's Hardware

Intel plans to launch their Alder Lake chips on Nov. 19, while Sapphire Rapids is due next year. 

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Intel And Its Comeback Story 

It's been quite obvious that the last four years have been quite tough on Intel, mainly because of Ryzen. As such, one could easily understand why Pat Gelsinger is very excited about his company's next-generation CPUs. 

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ANTALYA, TURKEY - DECEMBER 6: Intel processor chip for Samsung is seen in this illustration photo in Antalya, Turkey on December 06, 2019.

Various early leaked benchmarks of the top-end Intel Alder Lake chip, the Core i9-12900K, have been very impressive.

The latest one has it beating AMD's Ryzen 9 5950X in CPU-Z, basically destroying both AMD's Ryzen 9 series and Intel's own high-end 11th gen CPUs. 

In addition, the Intel Alder Lake flagship has also beaten the 5950X in a gaming workload: "Ashes of the Singularity," where the benchmark scores weren't even close.

The 12900K tallied an average of 146.6 FPS, while the 5950X only managed a paltry 104.6 FPS. 

These are the latest bits of news in what has been Intel's slow return from being left for dead by Zen starting in 2017. People have basically accused Team Blue of barely innovating, but they did innovate this time--and the performance gains are through the roof. 

Now, the waiting game begins for Zen 4. 

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