Ever tried gardening or simply making an effort to keep just one plant alive, only for it to die no matter how hard you tried to take care of it? That might mean that you have a black thumb. 

Black thumbs do not have to be forever, we believe, and all you need to turn it into a green thumb is some help in gardening and taking care of plants. If help in keeping plants alive is what you're looking for, here are some gardening apps that are available for download for iOS and Android!

Before you even start thinking that you can't keep a plant alive, here's a thought: if the astronauts at the International Space Station can harvest Zinnia flowers, it is more than possible that you can keep a plant or two alive here on Earth. 

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Gardening Apps to Download: Garden Answers

Taking care of the plants in your garden will be easier said than done if you do not even know what plants you have. An easy fix to this dilemma is to download the Garden Answers app straight to your phone.

According to an article by Country Living, this gardening app can help you identify over 20,000 different plants. All you have to do is to take a photo of the plant you are clueless about and submit it to the app. 

Garden Answers can also help you determine if your plant is sick or has a pest problem. You can also use the app to ask experts for advice and recommendations as you go through your gardening journey. 

Garden Answers is available for both iOS and Android.  

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Gardening Apps to Download: Plantix

One of the key things about making sure that a plant grows healthily is making sure that the plant has no damage, disease, or even pests. A gardening app that you can download to help you with this is Plantix. 

According to an article by Android Authority, Plantix provides the information you need to grow different plants and even crops. It also diagnoses problems and diseases that can hinder your plant from having a long, healthy life. 

Per the gardening app's Google Play Store description, it covers 30 major crops and can detect more than 400 plant damages. All you have to do is to take a photo of your plant. The app is also available in 18 languages, making it accessible and easy to use for many people around the world. 

Plantix is only available for Android devices.  

Gardening Apps to Download: Wateria

No plant will ever live, and no garden will ever thrive if you do not water your plants enough. An exception to that is if your plant actually does not need much water to survive. 

While it is understandable that watering your plants is a pretty easy chore to forget, you can help yourself remember by downloading Wateria. 

According to the article by Android Authority, the way to use this gardening app is to add every plant you have to the app and then input important information, such as your ideal watering schedule. 

The app will remind you to water your plant depending on the schedule you indicate. It also provides gardening tips that can help you better take care of your plants. 

Wateria is only available for Android devices. 

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