Adobe Premiere Pro Beta received some new exciting features, including the latest Auto Tone function. Right now, video editors need to manually change the color of their works to get the right look they prefer. 

Adobe Premiere Pro Beta Receives Auto Tone To Allow Editors Easily Do Smart Color Corrections in a Single Click!
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This is not an issue since most professional videographers, especially those working in the film and marketing industries, want their video outputs to be more personalized. 

Although they can do this using the Lumetri Panel of the popular editing software, many individuals still want to have a feature that would allow them to correct the color of their captured videos or photos quickly. 

Now, Adobe announced that the new Auto Tone feature can do just that. To give you more ideas, this new function allows you to edit your video's color in just a single click, which would clearly attract many newbie video editors. 

Adobe Premiere Pro Beta's Auto Tone

According to 9To5Mac's latest report, the new Adobe Premiere Pro's Auto Tone feature is quite different from the previous Auto button. Unlike its predecessor, the new version can provide more detailed and refined video color output by utilizing all the Basic Correction settings of Adobe Premiere Pro Beta. 

Adobe Premiere Pro Beta Receives Auto Tone To Allow Editors Easily Do Smart Color Corrections in a Single Click!
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On the other hand, the giant editing software developer was also reassured that it would continue to enhance the new smart color correction tool as its algorithm evolves. 

If you want to use it, you can find the new Auto Tone button displayed in the Basic Correction sliders. Specifically, it is located at the top of the Lumetri Panel.

But, before you use it, you need to remember that there are some instances when it can't provide your preferred output. If you want to have a more personalized video color correction, your best option would still be the Lumetri Panel.  

Adobe Premiere Pro Beta's Other New Features

The new Auto Tone smart color correction tool is not Adobe's only new advanced feature for its Premiere Pro Beta. It also released the following capabilities: 

  • New Aspect Ratio adjustment function
  • New Auto-Reframe Function 
  • New Animated Overlays
  • New Shadows/Highlights adjustment function 

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