Mugger Steals Phone from Double Amputee that Just Woke Up from a 6-Week Coma
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Mugger Steals Phone from Double Amputee that Just Woke Up from a 6-Week Coma

A double amputee was reportedly mugged just a few hours after waking up from a whole six-week coma and also learning that he had lost yet another leg to deep vein thrombosis. 69-year-old double amputee George McEwan-Jones was in the hospital after he had a second leg amputation.

McEwan-Jones Mugged by Dallimore

After waking up from a whole six-week coma, George reportedly went down to a certain WH Smith store located in the Manchester Royal Infirmary hospital in order to buy a drink. The Manchester Evening News reported that he noticed Liam Dallimore, aged 29, loitering with clutches outside of the said store. 

Dallimore then asked to borrow money, and McEwan-Jones noted that he did not have money. Dallimore then asked to borrow his phone in order to call a taxi, but due to speculation, McEwan-Jones called a taxi company and told the man what the fare would be. There are also some good stories involving amputees, as one of them who lost a leg to leukemia actually turned into a competitive gymnast.

69-Year-Old McEwan-Jones Mugged by 29-Year-Old Dallimore

After assuming Dallimore had left, the 69-year-old wheeled out of the store to purchase a beverage, but Dallimore was already waiting. Upon exiting, Dallimore then took the handles of the chair and the helpless McEwan-Jones to a certain secluded area of the parking lot, according to the story by BreitBart.

Dallimore then stole the victim's debit card and shoved the chair down a certain incline. The victim was then required to use what was left of a leg that was reportedly amputated years before the incident. Upon impact, the old wound reportedly opened, and his leg started to bleed.

$367 Stolen

McEwan-Jones noted to the Sun that he just wanted to get a drink, but the man took hold of his wheelchair then rammed him into a certain wall. The attack actually caused a significant setback when it came to the victim's recovery, as per Manchester Evening News. He then remained in the hospital for yet another four weeks and remained unable to use his prosthetic for the re-injured left leg.

Dallimore tried to withdraw £270 or about $367USD with the stolen debit card from an ATM. He then used it to buy cigarettes and received cash back at the Morrison's Supermarket. McEwan-Jones thinks that the incident was "absolutely diabolical" that someone could do that thing to a man that had no legs.

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Who is Liam Dallimore?

During the sentencing, recorder Michael Maher noted that a doctor initially thought that the defendant was actually acting in a sort of selfless manner as per the Sun. It was then noted that the defendant acted with contempt and regarded McEwan-Jones as a "piece of rubbish." Konami is providing "Metal Gear Solid V" prosthetic arms for the amputated.

Dallimore was then sentenced to three years and nine months of jail time for the callous attacks after actually pleading guilty to a count of robbery as well as three counts of fraud. Dallimore actually already has 41 convictions which stem from 77 total offenses.

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