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This Smart Prosthetic Ankle Can Easily Adjust To How Its User Walks And Rough Terrain

Engineers at Vanderbilt University found a solution for amputees who complain about soreness after walking on uneven terrains or climbing stairs. They’ve invented a 'smart' prosthetic ankle that adapts to its user’s gait and the surface of the ground.

Robotics June 28, 2018

Self-Healing Robot Muscles May Revolutionize Prosthetic Limbs For Amputees

Robotic muscles called HASEL actuators that can heal from electrical damage hold potential in revolutionizing prosthetics. What are its properties that make it comparable to human muscles and nerves?

Robotics January 12, 2018

Egyptian Mummy's Wooden Toe Is One Of Oldest Prosthetics Found

A 3,000-year-old toe prosthesis found in an Egyptian tomb is made of wood and has lifelike appearance. What does the ancient wooden toe reveal about its user?

Ancient June 23, 2017

Cutting-Edge Brain Implant Restores Mobility In Quadriplegic Man Using Thought-Controlled Prosthetics

Experimental neuroprosthetics could help quadriplegia patients recover some motor functions. This novel technology uses a brain implant that controls electronic sensors embedded in the limbs and signals them to move paralyzed muscles.

Biotech March 29, 2017

Artificial Hand Makes It Possible For Amputees To Feel Touch, Squeeze Again

A new study has confirmed the possibility for arm prosthetics to mimic the sensations patients have in their intact hands. The research connected the intensity of pressure with the electrical signals in the brain.

Neuroscience October 27, 2016

Watch This Girl's Priceless Reaction After Getting American Girl Doll With Prosthetic Leg [Video]

Watch this 10-year-old girl’s reaction to getting an American Girl doll that looks just like her, complete with a prosthetic leg.

Life & Style June 5, 2016

New Robotic Arm May Help Restore Sensation Of Touch To Amputees

Researchers in Australia are developing a robotic arm that can help amputees function more normally. The artificial limb may allow amputees or stroke sufferers to regain their sense of touch.

Robotics May 29, 2016

Self-Healing Polymer Could Help Create Artificial Muscle For Robotics, Prosthetics

The world of prosthetics or robotics could most probably benefit from this newly discovered polymer material that can stretch up to 100 times its own length. It also comes with the phenomenal capability of self-healing.

April 21, 2016

Little Maia Born With Only One Ear To Be Fitted With 3D Printed Prosthetic

A prosthetic ear built by a 3D printer could soon enhance toddler Maia Van Mulligan's hearing capabilities. Maia was born with just one ear.

Life April 18, 2016

This Girl Designed A Prosthetic Arm Cannon That Shoots Glitter

A 10-year-old girl named Jordan Reeves has designed an arm cannon that even Mega Man would want. But instead of bullets or bombs, Reeves' cannon shoots glitter.

FUTURE TECH March 29, 2016

Cat From British Columbia Set To Become 'Blade Runner Of Cats' With High-Tech Prosthetic Legs

Cassidy, a feral cat found on British Columbia had the first step of the procedure before having his bionic prosthetic legs attached. He is scheduled to have the procedure in a few months time where he is fully grown.

Society March 28, 2016

This Bionic Fingertip Allows Amputees To Feel Textures

Researchers of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies have developed a bionic fingertip that allows amputees to feel textures.

March 10, 2016

These Robotic Gloves Can Help The Visually Impaired By 'Pre-Sensing' Objects

Researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Arkansas, Little Rock have designed a robotic glove that will help people with visual impairments identify objects and avoid small obstacles with the help of a network of cameras, electrical sensors and mechanical sensors.

Wearable Tech December 21, 2015

US Department of Veteran Affairs Will Pay For Robotic Legs For Disabled Vets

The U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs has recently passed an action that will have the VA pick up the bill for disabled vets who require the use of a robotic brace-like contraption that helps paralyzed users walk again.

FUTURE TECH December 18, 2015

Researchers Create Artificial Sense Of Touch With ‘Sheet Music’

Now with a guide to follow, researchers are a step closer towards refining prosthetic limbs and offering an artificial sense of touch that is hopefully comparable to a natural sensation.

October 27, 2015

Company Lets Amputees Turn Their Prosthetic Limbs Into Fashion Statements

Amputees get a leg up with Alleles, a Canadian company that turns prosthetics into fashion with affordable custom fit covers that are fashionable, trendy, and allow amputees to celebrate themselves.

Internet Culture October 19, 2015

This 'Psychic Robot' Can Guess What You Are Thinking Of Doing: Helpful Or Dangerous?

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago created what they call a ‘psychic robot’ which can predict an intended action based on computer algorithm. The same capability can be expected even if the intended action accidentally changes course.

FUTURE TECH October 10, 2015

This Robotic Finger Could Be Mistaken For The Real Thing

A team of scientists at Florida Atlantic University has created a very life-like robotic hand, which might be put to use for developing prostheses in the near future.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Scientists Succesfully Grow Monkey Limbs In Lab Settings

Monkey arms today, human arms tomorrow! Researchers looking to grow limbs have taken a major step in the right direction as they make great headway in producing monkey arms in the lab.

August 11, 2015

UK Prosthetic Developers Create Advanced Bionic Hand That Is Controlled By An App

Touch Bionics developed the world's most advanced prosthetic that is partially controlled via an iPhone app.

Wearable Tech June 19, 2015

High-Tech Prosthetics Give Bionic Animals A New Lease On Life

The development of medical prosthetics throughout the years has allowed amputated animals and those born with defects to be able to walk on their own again and live normal lives.

Earth/Environment May 20, 2015

Injured Turtle Gets Fighting Chance WIth 3D Printed Jaw Prosthetic

Researchers from the Pamukkale University and the company BTech in Turkey attach a new titanium beak to an injured loggerhead turtle. The medically approved prosthetic beak was created using 3D printing.

Earth/Environment May 19, 2015

Boy Gets A 'Stormtrooper' Prosthetic Arm Made With A 3-D Printer

Liam Porter, a 7-year-old from Augusta, Ga. recently got a new prosthetic arm. However, this is probably unlike any prosthetic you have ever seen.

Geek January 13, 2015

3D-Printed Prosthetics Allow Dog with Congenital Deformity to Run and Be Bouncy [Video]

Derby can run and play just like any other dog, thanks to his custom designed 3D-printed prostheses.

Internet Culture December 18, 2014

Hi-tech prosthetic arm gives user almost natural sense of touch [Video]

Two new studies explore the world of mind-controlled prosthesis. Soon, a robotic arm that interacts with a user's brain could become a common occurrence for amputees.

Life October 9, 2014

Prosthetist offers girl mauled by dog artificial eye

Victoria Wilcher, who lost her right eye and sustained serious injuries after getting mauled by her grandfather's dogs, is scheduled to meet with Raymond Peters, an ocularist, who volunteered to make the girl an artificial eye.

Society July 7, 2014

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