YouTube challenge is one of the routes for content creators to go viral on the popular video-sharing platform. As such, some aspiring YouTubers follow such trends to kick start their following.

Top 5 Viral YouTube Challenges You May Have Forgotten About: Try Not to Laugh, Whisper Challenge, MORE
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YouTube Challenges

As per TurboFuture, one of the reasons why YouTube challenges have been popular for creators is due to their straightforward mechanics, as well as their nature of attracting more audience.

Trending challenges end up having a huge following, wherein YouTube viewers enjoy watching similar videos regardless if the uploader is someone well known or not.

However, like many trends, these challenges come and go. That said, some of the most interesting ones may have been forgotten by now. That is why we are here to list down some of the hottest challenges that graced YouTube.

Top 5 Viral YouTube Challenges

Without any further ado, here are the top five viral YouTube challenges.

Disney Challenge

First off, this YouTube challenge features two people tasked to listen to a Disney movie soundtrack. 

The participants are required to name not just the title of the song, but also the movie where it came from. Then, the competing folks need to provide their answer within the 7-10 seconds intro of the song. The challenge ends by tallying the points of the person who got most of the correct answers.

Try Not to Laugh

The main objective of this challenge is to continue watching numerous funny videos without laughing. Some hosts even go the extra mile by prohibiting even smirking or smiling, but it varies on different videos.

The popularity of the Try Not to Laugh challenge has even extended to creating other twists, including the Try Not to Scream and Try Not to Cry challenges.

Chubby Bunny

Yes, this one may be an old-school type of challenge, which has been popular in kiddie parties and sleepovers, but Chubby Bunny also had its second claim to fame on YouTube.

The Chubby Bunny challenge only needs tons of marshmallows and course participants, according to IceBreakerIdeas.

The challengers will only need to say the word "Chubby Bunny" with their mouths filled with marshmallows. The thing is they could not eat, swallow, and even chew the soft confectionery during the game.

The person who lasts the longest as more marshmallows are stuffed into their mouth will be considered as the winner.

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The Whisper Challenge

This YouTube challenge tasks its players to read the lips of the other person while wearing earphones that play loud music. The two players should take turns. Meanwhile, the person who guesses the most accurate words is the victor of the challenge.

The Whisper challenge has been popular on YouTube as some participants blurt out really random words or phrases as they try to understand what the other player is trying to say.

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