Google Search can now allow users to tune their guitars through its latest feature. If you have any stringed instruments other than that, the newest tuning app of the search engine giant will help you out with your tuning concerns.

Google Search Features Built-in Tuner 

Google Search Can Now Tune Your Guitar or Any Stringed Instruments | Google Tuner Now Available in PC, Mobile
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Google Search brings the newest built-in guitar tuner to mobile and desktop users. Here's how you can get started with this feature.

According to a report by The Verge, Google Search introduced the built-in tuner that is now accessible by the users. The company confirmed that it has released the feature on Thursday, Oct.7.

The built-in guitar tuner borrows the same functionality as the Google Assistant through the command "tune my instrument." The Search tuner is now made more convenient across all users who want to instantly tweak their instruments via a browser and a mic only.

How to Enable Google Search Tuner

Android Police recently reported that using this Google tuner on the Search app is easy. To do this, just search "Google tuner." Regardless if you are using mobile or PC, you can utilize this feature but make sure you have a well-functioning microphone.

The tech site added some instances that the Google Search tuner is not working on a particular device such as Galaxy Z Fold 3. The most common problem with the said gadget is its inability to pick up sounds.

The Android Police writer said that she has tested using it on Pixel 5a. Upon using the feature, she immediately set the standard tuning on her guitar with ease. Also, remember to allow the required permissions for your mic to work on the tuner.

Another tested the Google Search tuner on his iPhone 12 Pro. Through the Safari browser, he has experienced no problem using the built-in guitar tuner. He also used it on his Windows desktop using the Blue Snowball USB mic through Microsoft Edge.

This feature is perfect for those who do not consider getting a physical instrument tuner. Nevertheless, it suits the needs of those users who want to settle for an easy-going application without any extra cost or fee.

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Google Search is Ending Support For Internet Explorer 11

Last week, we reported that Google has formally cut its ties with the IE 11 when it comes to Search support. While one engineer said that users could still use the browser, they could experience some drawbacks during browsing the web.

The move happened following Microsoft's call to remove Internet Explorer in 2022. According to the company, it decided to steer away from IE 11 because other options are better than those.

Back in August, Google Search brought the new Interactive Periodic Table for the students. Accessing it is just easy. All you have to do is first open the Google Search app.

After successfully opening the application, you can now look for the elements on the periodic table. There is also a 3D model feature attached to the virtual table which presents the table of elements.

Each of the elements can be clicked. Interestingly, you can also integrate it with AR to see what's inside the element's structure.

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