Google Search received a new feature that would certainly excite students. Thanks to the new Interactive Periodic Table, young users can now understand more about elements through the 3D models offered by the new functionality of the search engine giant. 

Google Search Interactive Periodic Table Offers 3D Models: Family Bell Reminders and Other New Features
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Before the giant tech firm introduced the new feature of its search engine service, users need to search the images of the elements they want to understand. For the past few years, Google Search only offers the full name and an atomic number of the elements on the period table. 

But, Google recognized that students are having a hard time understanding it. Because of this, the company decided to release an interactive, subtext, and extremely detailed version of the complicated periodic table. 

Aside from these, the new 3D version also offers links to the Wikipedia pages related to the element you prefer to study. Thanks to Google's efforts, you can now have more specific information about the confusing periodic table. 

Google Search's 3D Periodic Table 

According to Digital Information's latest report, accessing the new Google Search 3D Interactive Periodic Table is pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is open your Google Search application. 

Google Search Interactive Periodic Table Offers 3D Models: Family Bell Reminders and Other New Features
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After that, you must search for the periodic table. Once you have the results, scroll down until you reach the 3D model feature. Click that option, and you will be directed to the actual new version of the table of elements. 

All those elements are clickable. Tap on one of them, and you will be provided with the structure of the element. If your device supports AR visual presentation, you can even use your camera to see the element's structure inside your room. 

Aside from Google Search, the search engine giant also updated its Google Nest-Hub, allowing you to transform it into a tablet. On the other hand, Google Chrome Android Incognito received additional security features.  

Other Innovations of Google

Aside from the new 3D Interactive Periodic Table, Google also released the so-called Family Bell Reminders function, which notifies you if there is a house choir you forgot to complete. 

Tech Crunch also reported that Google introduced new security features to protect its young users. These new protections are integrated into YouTube, Google Search, and other services of the tech giant. 

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