"Fortnite" movie is reportedly planned after Epic Games managed to create its own entertainment division, which was filled with former LucasFilm folks, which includes the producer of all the recent Star Wars titles of Disney, Jason McGatlin.

‘Fortnite’ Movie Planned After Epic Games Fills its Entertainment Division with LucasFilms Folks
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This illustration picture shows the logo from Epic Games displayed on a laptop and a reflected Apple Logo on an iPhone in Arlington, Virginia on April 30, 2021. - In a court clash with potentially huge repercussions for the world of mobile tech, Fortnite maker Epic Games takes on Apple starting on May 3, 2021, aiming to break the grip of the iPhone maker on its online marketplace.

'Fortnite' Movie and Epic Games Entertainment

As per ForTheWin of USA Today, the rumored "Fortnite" movie is reportedly under the newly formed entertainment division of Epic Games, which is expected to produce "scripted video programming."

Kotaku further said in its report that Epic Games is likely planning to spend its profits from the popular battle royale on video content, which includes movies.

The report claimed that Epic Games is looking into working on a feature film based on the world and narrative of the gaming title "Fortnite." If ever it becomes a reality, the movie will be the first project of its entertainment division.

It is worth noting that "Fortnite" introduced a story to its players as a gaming title, which further expanded over time through its famous battle royale mode. But its form as a big screen content remains to be seen as the project is still in "consideration."

That said, the "Fortnite" movie is something that its fans should take with a grain of salt as there is still a huge possibility that it would not see the light of day.

Epic Games Entertainment Division

The entertainment division of Epic Games is now filled with three people that came from the makers of the iconic Star Wars franchise, LucasFilm.

One of which is the producer of the recent Star Wars, Jason McGatlin, films also joined Epic's plans to create its own entertainment content. The former Disney producer now sits as the president of the Special Projects Division of the game developer.

What's more, other LucasFilm folks, such as Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia now hold the head of business affairs and vice president of production finance posts in Epic respectively.

Notably, Lynn Bartsch previously worked on the "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" series, whereas Furia produced the "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker."

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'Fortnite' Collabs

It is worth noting that "Fortnite" has been famous for its endless pop culture collaborations, which included some movie characters, such as Marvel's Venom, Chris Hemsworth's role in "Extraction"--to name a few.

Not to mention that aside from collaborating with other filmmakers, "Fortnite" is also home to some music icons like the South Korean's BTS and Bruno Mars.

With a movie now likely in the way, the future of the battle royale game might not see similar collaborations with film studios like Marvel in the future. But that is if the feature film becomes a reality.

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