Cheap blood tests are now being considered detectors for Alzheimer's disease. Various medical experts from the University Medical Center Gottingen claimed that affordable blood samplings could be used to identify if a person is at risk of developing the deadly disease. 

Cheap Blood Tests Could Detect Alzheimer's Early Signs and Prevent the Disease's Progression
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A nurse holds the hands of a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease on September 21, 2009 at Les Fontaines retirement home in Lutterbach , eastern France. Scientists working in seven countries announced last week they had uncovered variants of three genes which play a role in Alzheimer's, a discovery that should throw open many new avenues for tackling this mind-killing disease.

Alzheimer's Disease is a severe form of dementia. As of the moment, it is considered one of the most deadly health conditions. Specifically, it is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, especially with residents at the age of 65 years old and above. 

This is why many medical firms and health experts are releasing new technologies or finding ways that can help them prevent them.  

Cheap Blood Tests Detect Alzheimer's Disease?

According to Express UK's latest report, involved experts said that they were able to use cheap blood tests to detect three molecules believed to be early signs of Alzheimer's. 
"When symptoms of dementia manifest, the brain has already been massively damaged," said Professor Andre Fischer, the study's leading author. 

Cheap Blood Tests Could Detect Alzheimer's Early Signs and Prevent the Disease's Progression
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A laboratory technician places human blood samples on an automated testing line at the Maccabi Health Services HMO central testing laboratory January 22, 2006 in Nes Tsiona which is located in central Israel. The laboratory, which operates a fully automated system complete with advanced robotics, can test more than 50,000 blood samples a day. The lab is considered one of the most modern of its kind in the western world.

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He added that medical experts currently need efficient testings to estimate the risk of dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease. Fischer also confidently announced that he and his colleagues are confident about their new study about the efficiency of cheap blood sampling kits. 

Meanwhile, other involved medical experts claimed that these budget-friendly blood tests could help other experts prevent the disease's progression by administering new drugs to those who have been detected with Alzheimer's early signs. 

This is just one of the health innovations being worked on by doctors and other medical professionals across the globe. In other news, a new cancer treatment received promising results in its phase 1 trials.  

New Alzheimer's Early Factor Discovered

Medical News Today reported that Australian health researchers discovered a new factor of Alzheimer's disease. 

They explained that the new sign involves an exaggerated amount of toxic fat protein in the patient's blood. What makes this alarming is that these proteins could leak into a person's brain, which could cause the cells to die, leading to Alzheimer's. 

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