Tesla Safety has released a video on how it conducts its crash test to determine the different flaws and strengths of the company's electric vehicles, and what it needs improvement on. From here, the company would have to analyze the result and focus on a data-driven approach to improving the system, as well as bring it via over-the-air updates.

Tesla Safety: Crash Tests and Over-the-Air Updates

Tesla Autopilot
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Tesla's Crash Lab has debuted an educational video that demonstrates how safety in the clean energy company is being practiced, especially in Research & Development or R&D. Tesla said that through this, the safety feature of the EVs would continue to improve via the over-the-air updates that the company would bring.

The data-driven approach of the company with regards to innovation would be focusing on the studies made for the car, and its research that would be applied to new programs, and the software.

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Tesla Safety To Improve?

Why did Tesla exactly upload this video? Was it to cover up for their recent controversies that are related to Autopilot or Full-Self Driving beta crashes? Whatever the reason is, the latest video remains an educational one and not some sort of propaganda that would change the views on the car.

But of course, the safety feature of Tesla would always improve, as much as other devices from other companies.

Tesla is still special in bringing one of the safest cars out there, but it is not absolute or perfect on its technology and ways yet. The company has a lot to improve on, and it is by bringing better integration to its tech and features.

Tesla: Safety Top Priority

The clean energy company has focused on their cars being smartphone or computer-like, as it provides updates over-the-air or online, where users only need a WiFi or internet connection to do so. It would bring the different latest features of Tesla. However, Tesla was once litigated in Norway for reducing speed and the car's battery capacity.

Not all car companies are into research and development, as some are more focused on advertising and sales, as well as racking up a profit for the car or venture they have. This is what sets Tesla apart, and it is one of the most notable things on the company's resume, as well as its distinction from other manufacturers and for the public.

Tesla is known to make quality cars, and it is even regarded as one of the "most American cars" in the market, despite its CEO not being born in the United States. However, the ideology of Tesla to be bringing one of the best designs for electric vehicles, for both functionality and features, is what sets it apart from others.

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