The Tesla Insurance service is coming, says Elon Musk, and it would be available for all of its products, especially on the electric vehicle models it has. It has been recently confirmed by the tech CEO, saying that getting the approval for it, as well as agreeing that it is needed by its vehicles, as well as to be offered in-house by the company.

This follows the recent topic that was brought by a fan, as it talked about Tesla's focus on R&D more than in advertising or marketing their brand more into people's everyday use of the media.

It was also known that the CEO has talked about Tesla Insurance once before, and it has brought the focus for the clean energy company as a self-sustaining one and focusing more on what people need.

Tesla Insurance is Coming

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The Tesla Insurance is coming, and there is no doubt about that as Elon Musk has confirmed it via his Twitter page, where he replied to a tweet to him by a Tesla fan that has asked for it. There have been users that have asked about seeing the in-house insurance that would help in keeping a car and its driver secure with regards to accidents.

Insurance is a big thing in the country, and it is one of the top priorities of people when it comes to new purchases or other maintenances to utilize their use of an object. From healthcare to car insurance, it is a must for people, as it would help in aiding against massive charges or other problems with regards to the object like cars.

The fan said that Progressive, the insurance company, does a lot of advertising and that they cannot stand it as it should not be the company's focus; rather, its service like Tesla.

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What is Tesla Insurance?

To date, there has been limited information on what Tesla Insurance is, apart from it being an in-house service or offer by the company, but also focus on being the "safety net" for each car and driver.

Insurances are massive because they would help in making a person know that they have someone to help them in times of need, especially during accidents or unwanted events. Moreover, it would help in making things "smooth sailing," as Musk has initially mentioned and has meant when aiming to debut its idea.

Elon Musk and Tesla $0 on Ads

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The initial focus of the conversation was how much Tesla was paying for Research and Development (R&D) compared to how much it spends on advertising for every car it sells. In the chart, Tesla spends as much as $2,984 for R&D and $0 or nothing on advertising.

It means that Tesla focuses more on the development of the vehicle rather than selling it to drivers.

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