Nokia 6310 Makes a Comeback with Classic 'Snake' Game
(Photo : Image from Nokia Website) Nokia 6310 Makes a Comeback with Classic 'Snake' Game

Nokia 6310 is now making a comeback, including the classic "snake" game. The smartphone is said to come back with a few new specs. As of the moment, the device includes Snake, which is a legendary game that has been entertaining users since Instagram, TikTok, and even Candy Crush.

Nokia 6310 for Those on a Super-Tight Budget

According to The Sun, upgrades also include a color display, a rear camera, and even access to news channels and radio stations. The Nokia 6310, however, isn't being upgraded to a touchscreen and is still using the same familiar keypad.

The article notes that nobody can really accuse Nokia of rolling out a new cutting-edge smartphone. The classic Nokia 6310 is said to be perfect for anybody that wants to buy a phone but remains on a super-tight budget.

Price of the Nokia 6310

The original "brick" was reportedly also quite popular for its ruggedness. The new model is still sporting the same ultra-durable build. The handset is said to come at just $82 on the Nokia website.

In the more recent years, there has actually been a rising appetite trend for simpler phones. The new Nokia 6310 could just become a trailblazer. There are now more and more people that are casting aside their own smartphones in favor of the more modest device.

Perfect Christmas Stock-Filler

This is for people who are keen to avoid excessive screen time as well as the extortionate costs of handsets, just like the new iPhone 13 Pro. Users are reportedly earmarking it as a really nice Christmas stock-filler. 

Nokia hasn't disappeared from the spotlight. In fact, Nokia is actually getting huge projects as a Nokia 4G on the moon is happening. The project uses the lunar rover to carry communication all through space.

Nokia 3310 Snake Game

This is reportedly for users that know someone who is in need of getting a temporary phone before they decide to upgrade to something that would be considered a little bit more 2021. Another option for buyers is to refrain from spending on a smartphone until Black Friday.

Black Friday could be a guarantee for buyers to see discounts across smartphones and handsets. For those that want to play the classic Nokia snake game that was extremely popular for the Nokia 3310, there's a way to play the game online without having to purchase the previous Nokia 6310.

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Where To Play Nokia Snake Online

Instead of purchasing the Nokia 6310 or digging up an older Nokia 3310 and trying to make it work, for those that want to play the classic Nokia snake game, it is currently available on GamePix. For those that need a more upgraded phone capable of accessing the latest apps, the Nokia 6310 might not be the best choice.

Nokia has also been in a couple of legal battles as the company alleged Oppo of patent infringement for using the company's tech without a license agreement.

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