Apple Watch Old Chargers Won't be Compatible with Series 7 Fast Charging System | No 1-Hour Full Charge Feature
(Photo : Image from Apple Website) Apple Watch Old Chargers Won't be Compatible with Series 7 Fast Charging System | No 1-Hour Full Charge Feature

Apple's old chargers won't be compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 7 fast-charging system. Users won't be able to get that one-hour full charge feature when using older chargers.

Apple Watch Series 7

According to the story by Gizmodo, for those that have a few Apple Watch chargers that are still lying around and are planning to buy the new Apple Watch Series 7, it would be beneficial to mark them or put them away before bringing in the new watch. Due to the identical look of the chargers, it could be easy to mistake one for the other.

The article by the Apple Watch Series 7's improvements this 2021 is its fast charging time. Apple notes that the Apple Watch Series 7 is charging a whole 33% faster when it is compared to other previous models that have been able to reach 80% in just 45 minutes. The Apple Watch Series 7, however, has not upgraded its processor and is still using the same one as its previous smartwatch.

New Apple Watch USB-C Magnetic Fast Charger

People who keep their very own Apple Watch around the house and only make use of it when they go straight to the gym, there is good news ahead. As of the moment, there is nothing worse compared to realizing that the watch being used has a low battery when one is getting ready to go out. 

The new fast charging, however, will only be available for those that are using Apple's brand new USB-C magnetic fast charger that comes with the Series 7 which is to be equipped with a brand new charging architecture. The cable is already included in the box but due to it looking just like the older cables, it is important to know the difference, especially since one beats the other in terms of charging speed.

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Where to Find Old Apple Watch Chargers

Apple also does not want its buyers to be confused, and thus they have decided to no longer sell the old watch chargers on their official website. As of the moment, it sells fast chargers at the price of $29. Learn more about the new Apple Watch Series 7's improved design and performance.

The Verge, however, pointed out that Apple Watch chargers are still being sold by solo third-party sites just like Amazon. This means there is no cause to panic, but as of the moment, it is also good to know that one would still need a new fast charger in order to take advantage of all of the Apple Watch Series 7's offerings and that one's old chargers won't be able to work as expected.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is starting at the price of $399 and will reportedly be available in stores starting October 15, 2021. The new charger also promotes faster charging for the smartwatch capable of full capacity in just an hour.

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