Apple users have trolled Intel's Twitter account after posting a tweet asking why Mac users switched to PC. Instead of getting serious replies from former Mac users, those who favor Mac laptops have taken the opportunity to troll Intel's marketing campaign.

Intel seems to be having an ongoing "PC vs Mac" campaign, and the company actually released a video featuring Apple users being introduced to Intel computers. The video, which is titled "Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment," is available on YouTube for anyone to watch.

The much-trolled Intel tweet comes just days before Apple's "Unleashed" event.

Apple Users Troll Intel's Tweet


Apple users seemed to have had a field day trolling Intel's Twitter account after the latter posted a tweet asking former Mac users why they switched to PC.

Intel's tweet reads, "Confessions of former Mac users. What made you #GoPC?"

According to an article by MacRumors, instead of getting replies from actual former Mac users who switched to PC, the replies instead were from trolling Apple users.

One of the replies to the tweet, as quoted by the MacRumors article, said, "Just admit it: you're just pissed that Apple ditched you and designed a way better processor by themselves."

Intel Has a "PC vs Mac" Campaign?

The MacRumors article has also mentioned that Intel has a "PC vs Mac" campaign going on. In fact, the article points out that Intel released a video that is part of the campaign last week.

The video, "Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment," has been uploaded on YouTube. Per the MacRumors article, the video "featured 'Apple fans' introduced to different Intel computers and all of their features."

"Intel attempted to paint Apple consumers as oblivious to 'innovations' made by companies besides Apple, including 'touch screen' laptops," the report adds.

You can watch the video below:

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Apple Still Selling Intel-Powered Macs

If there is one thing that people may find very ironic about this whole situation is that Apple is actually still selling Intel-powered Macs.

Examples of Apple products that are still Intel-powered are the 27-inch iMac as well as the Mac Pro.

Many have been quick to point out the timing of Intel's much-trolled tweet, which was posted ahead of Apple's Unleashed event, which is scheduled to take place on Oct. 18, Monday.

According to the article by MacRumors, "the higher-end MacBook Pro will no longer be Intel-based and will officially switch to Apple Silicon."

Per a previous Tech Times report, the arrival of Apple Silicon is likely to bring down the market share of Intel chips.

While there are Apple products that are still powered by Intel that are available in the market, it is expected that it will no longer be the case by next year.

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