Both AMD and Microsoft are announcing that they will fix bugs that are causing problems for Ryzen users on the newer Windows 11. The reduction can be quite significant as it can result in a 15% decrease in CPU performance.

AMD Ryzen Performance Bugs

Both AMD and Microsoft have actually released patches to be able to fix the AMD Ryzen performance bugs that are present in the initial version of the Microsoft Windows 11. This information was according to an AMD knowledgebase article that was reportedly uploaded just recently.

AMD has reportedly provided a brand new chipset driver to fix a problem that broke the "preferred core" feature. This is said even to boost performance on high-core-count, high-TDP Ryzen processors.

Ryzen CPU Decrease in Performance

According to the story by ArsTechnica, even if users' systems won't be affected by the specific bug due to them running Windows 10 or even a lower-core-count Ryzen CPU, the new driver has fixes for quite a handful of other Ryzen as well as Threadripper systems that are running on either Windows 10 or the newer Windows 11. The performance decrease affects the CPU itself.

Yet another issue was said to affect the L3 cache latency on all of the said Ryzen processors. This reportedly then lowered the performance by between 3 up to 5 percent for most apps, with even a few games by all the way up to 15%.

Microsoft L3 Cache Issue Fix

Microsoft already previously started issuing a fix for the L3 cache issues to different testers just recently. It was noted that it is one of the many different issues that were fixed in build 22000.282 of Windows 11.

Users can reportedly see their build number by typing in "winver" into either Windows Search or Run windows. Those that do not yet have the patch installed in their systems will actually appear as an optional update in the new Windows Update for Windows 11 Home and Pro users as per Microsoft.

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AMD Microsoft Windows 11

Otherwise, the update should actually roll out automatically in the next Patch Tuesday package that is expected to launch soon. As of the moment, the performance bug can reportedly be fixed for Ryzen users that are on Microsoft Windows 11.

Despite the global chip shortage and AMD barely dealing with the massive demand and lack of supply for its GPUs, AMD is said to launch the AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile series with 16-core Zen4 Raphael-H chips. Although not a lot has been revealed so far, an interesting 7000 series could be interesting as AMD is usually full of surprises.

The global chip shortage has affected a number of GPUs like the PowerColor Hellhound AMD Radeon RX 6700 restock. Could the transition of cryptocurrency from proof of work to proof of stake be one reason for stocks to get better?

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