The U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives recently conducted a meeting to discuss the issues that are currently being faced by NASA's spaceflight initiatives. 

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These include the connection of China and America and the upcoming deadline of the International Space Station. They also said that space junks currently orbiting outside Earth could also have some consequences. 

As of the moment, NASA is currently conducting various space activities. However, various government officials are still debating the issues that the space agency's plans could lead to. 

To give you more idea, here are the specific problems the U.S. government officials are debating about. 

US Says ISS Deadline Could Happen Earlier 

According to Space.Com's latest report, one of the major topics discussed during the recent U.S. Senate hearing is the uncertainty of ISS. 

"NASA has yet to clearly define its needs for services after the ISS ends, nor does it plan to do so for some time," said the Axiom Space Executive Vice President, Lynne Dittmar.  

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Meanwhile, it is also believed that the estimated deadline of ISS could happen sooner than expected. This means that the International Space Station could stop working earlier than 2030. 

Once this happened, the U.S. government would have a hard time supporting the astronomers orbiting space. Right now, NASA seems to be stable despite the alleged issues it could face. 

In other news, NASA now wants young individuals to design moon-digging robots for them. On the other hand, the international space company also said that its new Lucy Mission is now being prepared for its upcoming launch. 

Authorization Bill and Other Issues

Aside from the ISS issue, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell said that NASA also needs to receive an authorization bill. She explained that this is as important as the funds that NASA receives from the government. 

Meanwhile, space junk is also becoming a more serious problem outside Earth. Government officials said that it is important to guide other country members of NASA when it comes to using their spacecraft, satellites, and other technologies. 

Right now, the plans of NASA are still being conducted continuously. These include the preparation of the Orion vehicle, as reported by BBC

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