The call of nature. It is what makes us all human. And yes, even political and religious leaders and authorities have to pull their pants down to answer that call.

Italian artist, Cristina Guggeri, created a set of incredibly realistic portraits of some of the most recognizable world leaders doing just that - their "duty."  Some pensive, some uncomfortable, and some even looking tired and dejected. The series shows how even the best of us, are all the same when we are on the toilet.

Guggeri's series of world leaders doing their business shows Vladimir Putin with checkered underwear in a very utilitarian bathroom. Barack Omaba, in his own checked boxers, in a marble toilet. The Dalai Lama matches his surroundings with his red and gold robes; and Pope Francis looks utterly exhausted on his throne.

Speaking of thrones, Queen Elizabeth, still stays poised and regal, even with her lacey whities down to her ankles. Even Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu cannot escape when nature calls him to do his daily duty.

Photoshop was used to edit and manipulate their portraits as well as others in the series. Although the scenario in the images could be quite scandalous, Guggeri made sure that all the sensitive bits were strategically and modestly covered up.

The entire series was entitled Il Dovere Quotidiano, or The Daily Duty. It serves as a reminder to bring all the world leaders back down from the pedestals we've put them on and makes us remember that even world leaders are human too.

Guggeri, aka Krydy, created The Daily Duty photomontages in collaboration with Areashoot World. An Italian non-profit organization that connects photographers, hairstylists, make-up artists, bloggers, and models from all over the world.

The entire series, and even more of Guggeri's portraits and landscape art, may be seen on her facebook page, as well as her website.

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