One of Apple's very first computers ever is now up for auction. The wooden cased Apple-1 computer is reportedly expected to sell for up to $600,000.

Apple-1 to Go On Auction

According to the story by CNN, it was noted that the Apple-1 that is reportedly going under the hammer on Tuesday is said to be one of the very few surviving examples of Apple's very own first computer in the world. This was according to John Moran Auctioneers.

The set would reportedly include the Apple-1 NTI motherboard and an Apple Cassette adapter in a koa wood case. It will also include the Datanetics Keyboard Rev D, an Apple-1 connecting cable and power supply, and a 1986 Panasonic video monitor as per the listing.

Apple-1 Set Inclusions

The Apple-1 computer auction includes one of the only six in a koa wood case. According to an article by 9to5Mac, the price of the Apple-1 was at $200,000. The set will also come with an Apple-1 Basic Manual, an original 6502 programming manual, the Apple-1 Operations Guide, and two different Apple-1 software cassette tapes.

The computer was originally designed by Steve Wozniak and was then assembled and tested by Steve Jobs. As of the moment, the Apple-1 on sale has already had just two owners. In a surprising event, a woman unknowingly dumped an Apple-1 computer that was worth $260,000 into a recycling center.

The Story of the Apple-1 on Auction

The Apple-1 on sale was reportedly bought by a certain electronics professor who decided to sell it to a student back in 1977 as per the auctioneer. The listing reads the Apple-1 has recently undergone a really extensive authentication, restoration, and evaluation process by what was referred to as one of the foremost experts in the field.

The experts reportedly inspected all of the components and also generated a full condition report regarding the Apple-1. The wood has actually become rarer and more expensive as koa trees have also reduced due to cattle grazing and logging.

Only 200 Apple-1s Ever Made

There have only been 200 Apple-1s made, with just 175 of them sold. As per the listing, fifty of the said 175 computers were reportedly sold to Paul Terrel, the known owner of a store called ByteShop located in Mountain View, California.

Terrell was disappointed upon receiving the Apple-1 because he was expecting self-contained computer units ready to be plugged in. However, he got a kit, according to the auctioneers. A rare working Apple-1 was also sold at the NY auction for $365,000.

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Apple-1 Sold in Auction for $671,000

Jobs, however, told him that each of the boxes already contained all of the elements needed in order to make a fully-functional computer. Jobs even stated that ByteShop could practically make money by upselling the product.

Back in 2013, another rare working model of the Apple-1 was sold at an auction in Germany for $671,000. The computer even sold along with a letter to the original owner coming from the Apple co-founder himself, Jobs.

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