Pixel 6 Pro Durability Stretched by YouTuber | Here's Why It's a Big Deal
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Pixel 6 Pro Durability Stretched by YouTuber | Here's Why It's a Big Deal

Both the Pixel 6 Pro as well as the Android 12 represent a key departure from Google's own past. The software is currently designed to be easier for users to personalize and the hardware has also received some upgrades to keep up with the industry trends of today. This includes users being able to make their own mobile processor.

Pixel 6 Pro Limitations

According to SlashGear, even the new design of the Pixel 6 Pro actually breaks away from tradition and gives users a unique visual identity. It was noted that this uniqueness could come at a price of durability.

A certain YouTuber by the name of JerryRigEverything is known for going all in to test durability even if it means potentially destroying the device. The Pixel phones haven't really been known for its durability as well as hardware reliability during the past two or three years.

Plastic for Premium Pixel 5

As of the moment, there have been some pretty questionable choices when it comes to materials like the use of plastic for the "premium Pixel 5." This also included certain problems like the display panel not being fixable through software solutions alone and other similar issues.

JerryRigEverything's very own Zack Nelson thoroughly did three durability tests on the Pixel 6 Pro like the channel did every other phone. It was seen that the actual Pixel 6 Pro was able to survive even without breaking a sweat. Although the Mohs level 6 as well as 7 picks did do permanent damage towards the screen, this still meant that the device is mostly safe from coins or maybe some other sharp objects.

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Testing the Pixel 6 Pro

It was shown that the in-screen fingerprint scanner had also proved to be quite strong when met with screen damages. This will hopefully provide users some assurance when it comes to the security of the device on that particular level. For those that are using their phones with T-Mobile, the company is now offering a free year of Paramount+.

The bad news, however, is that the popular Pixel 6 Pro's quirky design actually had no effect on the phone's very own bend test results. Just like a lot of other phones, it did give quite a flex, but it wasn't able to yield completely. It was stated that there were also not really any gaps when it came to appearance since the phone's very own display and back are actually glued tight instead of being held down by certain clips.

As for whether the design will be making it harder for users to open for repairs, however, this is a totally different question. It was noted that the Pixel 6 Pro could at least give its owners as well as prospective buyers a level of confidence that their own phone's won't really break from, say , a brush with an accident. Check out how an iPhone X was modded with a USB-C on YouTube fetching up to $85,000.


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