Barbie has an electric vehicle and this is a legitimate car as it already has a prototype that debuted in the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, focusing on a vehicle that has been given the glitz and glamour of the popular doll. No, this car is not for Ken, as it is a car that is intended for the popular doll, calling the vehicle the "Barbie Extra" that has the Fiat 500e underneath.

Barbie EV Debuts in 2021 LA Autoshow: What is It?

Mattel has joined the 2021 Los Angeles Autoshow and it has not brought a life-sized Hot Wheels replica of a real-world car; rather an electric vehicle that one of the most glamorous dolls in the world would drive. Yes, it is Barbie, and she brings a prototype of an electric vehicle that has her signature and style written all over it.

The Barbie Extra brings a roadster in the elements and manifestation of the popular doll that focuses on a convertible that would not harm the environment despite driving it all around the city. This is because underneath it is a Fiat 500e, an electric vehicle that features a clean energy motor.

The Barbie EV is a dream come true for all fans of the doll franchise, having the character's style and design all over the vehicle.

Life in electric, its fantastic

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Barbie EV Prototype Debuts a Modded Fiat 500e

The Barbie EV is a prototype, and there was no announcement by Mattel or Fiat for a joint venture regarding it, to release the vehicle for production to fit this modern world. However, it is a good indication that brands like Barbie are moving forward into adopting the clean energy campaign of the world that focuses more on electric mobility.

The Fiat 500e focuses on a fully-electric motor that is capable of driving 155 miles of range and output 118 horsepower, enough for a stylish ride.

Barbie, Mattel, and the Glitter World

Mattel and its popular Barbie brand have been a popular toy and doll collection for decades now, with its first recipients in the 1960s having children or families now, embedding its presence on a global scale. Barbie has had a lot of vehicles to accompany her chic lifestyle throughout the years, including convertibles that are heavily slapped with pink colors or going futuristic with a hoverboard.

Barbie has also imbued itself on different media entities, bringing its glitters, glamour, and style to different characters in the film, video games, series, and more. One time, the popular Tomb Raider from the "Lara Croft" franchise was turned into a "Barbie Doll," having memorabilia of the character that people can play and go adventures with, on a more hands-on setup.

Mattel is also known for another venture focused on cars and it is with the Hot Wheels, but its life-sized adaptation of the modern electric vehicle was turned into something Barbie would drive. The LA Auto Show's display shows a promising mod that captures the soul of the popular doll in the car and if it is made available, would cater to a lot of Barbie fans and collectors worldwide.

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