Barbie Drops Her Pink Convertible For A Hoverboard


Barbie is keeping up with the changing times and has dropped her pink convertible in favor of a hoverboard.

At the 2016 International Toy Fair in New York, Mattel showed off the Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard RC, which comes with the doll.

Barbie's futuristic-looking Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard RC is blue and pink and is basically, a drone that can hover in the air. The remote-controlled quadcopter is easy to maneuver and is poised to become a must-have toy in kids' Christmas 2016 wishlists.

Made of lightweight foam, the Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard RC comes with a Barbie doll perched on it. The device also has wireless controller, which is pink, and Mattel has altered the flight characteristics of the RC drone to accommodate additional weight on the top.

The drone is quite lightweight and child friendly and the doll atop the RC drone is dressed in a pink vest and skirt — reminiscent of the 1980s — with leggings.

While the Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard RC can take flight, it is now yet known what its flight ceiling is. The toy will be suitable for children eight years and upwards and retail for $59.99 when it hits the shelves in fall 2016.

On Saturday, Mattel also took the wraps off The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse at the 2016 International Toy Fair. The toy is a revamped version of the doll's iconic home. Since Barbie is moving with the times and is now catering to tech savvy children, the Dreamhouse has been kitted with smart technology.

The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse is Wi-Fi enabled and is able to connect to apps. The toy also offers support for voice-recognition software so essentially, children will be able to talk to the home.

Kids will be able to make voice requests to ask the home to offer Barbie a ride on the elevator. Kids can also even create a party atmosphere by instructing the lights to flash - the chandeliers in the house spin and the stairs become a slide in this party mode.

The lights respond to commands so if you instruct: "Hello, Dreamhouse. Turn on the bedroom light" it will do so.

Like the smart lights from Philips, kids will even be able to customize the colors and shades of the lights. The Dreamhouse has pre-set modes which have different sets of dialogues, sounds and light that respond to you. These can even be controlled through the companion app.

The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse will retail for $299.99 when it hits the shelves.

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