Elon Musk and The Boring Company are soon throwing a party for the Vegas Loop Tunnel, and it would be with a "Fallout" theme as it greatly resembles the settings of the game. The party would be happening once the restrictions have been lifted and there are no more health risks that would take place when conducting the party to celebrate the tunnels and their traffic solutions.

Elon Musk, The Boring Co.: Fallout-Themed Party Soon

Elon Musk's The Boring Company Unveils Test Tunnel In California
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The world's richest billionaire and CEO, Elon Musk, has yet again teased another "Fallout-themed" party for the Las Vegas Loop Tunnel that was made by The Boring Company. The underground tunnel highly resembles the game as said by fans from Twitter, and it should only befitting that it would be celebrated in an appropriate theme.

Musk responded and said that it would be happening when health restrictions have been cleared out, or when it is already safe to have a party to avoid the mass spread of the virus or any problems. Also, mass gatherings such as a party need a permit, and it would be hard to secure one as it is still the time of the pandemic.

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The Boring Co.: Vegas Loop Is the Answer to Traffic

The topic of The Boring Co. has resurfaced as a video from the Tesla Silicon Valley Club has shown a massive traffic problem that is seen on the freeway, showing how cars flock up during rush hour. Here, Musk responded that the solution is The Boring Co.'s tunnel project that would have people going under and riding a Tesla.

Vegas Loop Tunnel: Interconnecting LV Underneath

Earlier this January, the multi-tech CEO has teased that a "Fallout-themed" party would be thrown for the public once the restrictions have been lifted or are permitted by the county or local government. But fast forward to about 11 months and people are still looking at the four corners of their home due to limited liberty as it is not yet advised to go out.

Nevertheless, traffic is still a problem in the country, and as Musk has said, the only solution to that is going underneath and having a tunnel commute system with The Boring Co. and Tesla EVs. Many projects have been the focus of the Loop project, and it includes states like Texas and Florida and solves their traffic problems.

Underneath Las Vegas, The Boring Co. connects the people towards different partner places and avoids the traffic at the surface, which has seen a massive problem in the county. Musk and The Boring Company's presence there has changed the way that people would see public transportation, and it would be aboard autonomous Tesla electric vehicles.

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