CEEK NFT Marketplace: The Future of Music
(Photo : CEEK NFT Marketplace: The Future of Music)

CEEK's NFT marketplace will be responsible for taking music to the next level. CEEK is a blockchain based streaming platform for creators to monetize their content via virtual reality worlds, live streaming, and other emerging technologies on a variety of devices including virtual reality headsets, smartphones, and tablets. CEEK is making virtual reality universally accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Virtual reality seems to be the future of music and CEEK is on the forefront of this revolution. CEEK's technology provides a transparent space for creators to monitor their profits, and the company's partnership with Universal Music grants rights to live performances with various artists including Bon Jovi, Sting, and U2.

CEEK's unique NFT marketplace will encourage creation and the trade of blockchain based digitized assets online. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the financial architecture for the metaverse, and they are the bridge that make it possible to have decentralized ownership of the metaverse. An NFT is a digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items and each NFT is unique. NFTs are tracked using a digital ledger via the blockchain which verifies the authenticity of each NFT and uniqueness of the token. In other words, you can verify that your asset is original and the only one on the market. NFTs allow artists to monetize their work through virtual spaces and empower consumers to own their assets. For instance, if you buy an item in Metaverse World A, NFTs provide you with a permanent receipt so you can redeem that item in World B or C. NFTs are powered by the Ethereum blockchain and use the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but they are not currency. By integrating multiple currencies as well as mobile payment options, CEEK's platform is accessible to users all over the world.

To take advantage of CEEK's unique NFT marketplace, users obtain CEEK SMART VR TOKENs. These tokens can be used to purchase tickets, virtual goods, and VIP interactions with artists. Users can also use tokens to vote in competitions, award shows, or to choose which song their favorite artist will play next. Tokens can also serve as rewards for users who create content for the platform. Artists can then host virtual events in locations created by either the CEEK team or third-party creators. CEEK's platform enables the tokenization of smart tickets which will allow creators to track their royalties on digital assets streamed on the CEEK decentralized player, and CEEK's technology will unlock new revenue streams for both artists and creators. This is a new way to monetize a fanbase, and CEEK's use of tokens will enable real time artist payments verified on the blockchain which ensure efficient monetization for content creators. Each virtual asset has its own unique Ethereum address which enables the accurate tracking of revenue - providing transparency to creators and a way to track their earnings. On the consumer side of CEEK's platform, users can verify the authenticity of items by having artists sign digital items with special cryptographic tokens. These tokens are authenticated on the blockchain and cannot be duplicated. This process provides security for both consumers and creators.

Up until this year, CEEK was operating on the Ethereum blockchain. To lower costs and transaction fees, which will better support their creators and consumers, CEEK has migrated to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The CEEK token is available as either an ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) or BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain-based) asset, but CEEK will be phasing out the ERC-20 version as a result of the company's migration to BSC. BSC's blockchain network is more efficient and less costly which makes it easier for CEEK to scale their metaverse in unimaginable ways. Consumers and artists both benefit from the shift in blockchain network, and the savings increase exponentially as users and artists increase.

CEEK has already developed a virtual reality world called "CEEK CITY" where consumers can choose a venue and enjoy concerts among other experiences. Once CEEK launches its online tokens, users will be able to use these NFTs to make purchases, vote for content, and even control the programming. Users can also expect to collect rare collectibles, have unique access to their favorite brands, and own the rights to digital assets from content creators from around the world.

Mary Spio

Mary Spio, founder and CEO of CEEK, believes her company is unique because of its "ability to do both interactive live streams in 2D as well as 360 VR and verify content viewership on the blockchain making it super transparent for artists to see exactly how many tickets they've sold in real-time. We are solving perhaps the biggest problem facing our industry which is trust. Artists no longer have to blindly rely on the streaming platform to determine how their content was monetized, they have immutable proof on the blockchain." 

CEEK provides a unique experience to subscribers while simultaneously offering creators proof of monetization. Through CEEK's platform, transactions are more secure, transparent, and provide a record of exchanges on the blockchain. On the user end of CEEK's platform, the company's NFT marketplace will allow users to have true ownership of digital items that will traverse multiple digital reality environments.

The future of CEEK looks extremely bright. The company is already looking to expand to eventually become a hub for decentralized digital media across various platforms. CEEK is looking to grow its integration of NFTs across its platform to provide creators with content monetization, licensing, IP rights distribution, and fan engagements. CEEK is on its way to becoming the leader in VR entertainment, and its NFT marketplace is the key to its long-term success.

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