Google Confirms More Upcoming Stadia Games: 'Cyberpunk 2077,' 'Orcs Must Die! 3,' And More

A lot of new games are coming to Google Stadia. Titles such as 'Cyberpunk 2077,' 'Orcs Must Die! 3,' 'Superhot,' and many others are set to come to the streaming platform.


Google Assistant Tops IQ Test Again But Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa Are Close Behind

The Google Assistant continued to perform ahead of competitors Siri and Alexa in a digital assistant IQ Test from Loup Ventures. However, this year, the study revealed that all three digital assistants made significant improvements.


Google Is Testing Virtual Meet And Greet Sessions With YouTube Stars And Influencers

Fundo is YouTube’s new crowdfunding service that’s currently in testing phase at Google’s Area 120 lab. It lets creators set up online meet and greet sessions with fans for a price.

Google August 19, 2019

YouTube, Social Media Are Teens' Top Sources Of News, According To Survey

A survey revealed that teens believe it is important for them to follow current events, but many are getting their news from sources that may not be reputable. More than half admitted that they get their news from social media.

Google August 15, 2019

Google's 'Assignments' Tool Helps Teachers Detect Student Plagiarism

Google's Assignments tool helps teachers to create assignments with ease, and prepares their students for the workforce. On the flip side, students can also use the tool to prevent plagiarism in their submissions.

Google August 15, 2019

Chrome OS 76 Goes Stable With Virtual Desktop Support

Google is bringing virtual desktop support with Chrome OS 76. It's also rolling out a new accessbility feature called Automatic Clicks and improved media controls with the update.

Google August 14, 2019

Georgia Teen Arantza Peña Popo Wins Google Doodle Contest With Inspiring 'Once You Get It, Give It Back'

The winning doodle for the 2019 Doodle for Google contest was titled 'Once you get it, give it back.' A young visual artist from Georgia bested 200,000 other entries and won the competition.

Google August 14, 2019

Ecosia Opts Out Of Google's Search Engine Auction For Android

Ecosia issued a statement rejecting the invitation to participate in Google's closed auction to become an alternative search engine for Android. The environmentally friendly company said that the process favors profit-driven search providers.

Google August 13, 2019

Google Pixel 4 Spotted In The Wild Reveals Nearly Bezel-Less Design

An alleged prototype of the Google Pixel 4 was seen on a plane. If accurate, then the smartphone is going to have nearly no bezels at all, meaning it practically has no chin.

Google August 12, 2019

Google Maps Launches AR Navigation For Android And iPhones

Android and iPhone users can now use the new Live View feature on Google Maps. With the AR technology, users can see the arrows and directions in real world views.

Google August 9, 2019

Google Makes Finding Podcasts Easier By Adding A Dedicated Section To Search

Google Search is getting a new podcasts section. The feature was added in to make things easier for users to find podcasts and episodes they might be interested in.

Google August 8, 2019

Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL Specs Leak: 90 Hz 'Smooth Display,' 6 GB RAM, And More

A new leak has revealed more details about the upcoming Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. They're said to sport 6 GB of RAM and a 'Smooth Display' with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, among other specs.

Google August 7, 2019

Google Fiber Is Bringing Webpass To Austin, Texas

Google Fiber has some good news for apartment and condo dwellers in Austin, Texas: It's bringing Webpass to the area. This marks the first time that both traditional Fiber and Webpass are available in the same city.

Google August 7, 2019

Google Pixel 3 Owners Report Camera Issues

Reports of the Google Pixel 3 having camera issues are piling up. Owners are saying that their cameras are shaking or stuttering when taking a photo or video.

Google August 6, 2019

Google Assistant Can Now Read And Reply To Messages From More Messaging Apps

Google Assistant will now be able to read and reply to messages from more messaging apps. It now supports reading messages from apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Google August 3, 2019

Google's New Emergency Feature Can Call For Help When You Can't Talk

Google's new emergency feaure will let users contact emergency services even when they can't talk, one way or another. The feature will be available in the United States in the coming months.

Google August 2, 2019

Chrome 76 Blocks Adobe Flash By Default, Prevents Sites From Detecting Incognito Mode

Chrome 76 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is now available. As the higlights of the update, the browser will now block Adobe Flash by default and stop sites from detecting whether a user is in Incognito mode or not.

Google July 30, 2019

Google Collected Face Data From Strangers For $5 Each: Report

Google is training the facial recognition algorithm on its upcoming Pixel 4 by collecting face data from strangers roaming the street. That data, it says, is kept anonymous and private.

Google July 31, 2019

Google Rolls Out RCS Chat In UK And France

Google has made its RCS chat available for Android users in France and the United Kingdom. However, this new messaging system that will soon replace SMS has no end-to-end encryption yet.

Google July 29, 2019

Google Giving Away 100,000 Home Minis To People With Paralysis

To celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act, Google is partnering with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for a very special project. They will be giving away 100,000 Google Home Minis for people living with paralysis.

Google July 26, 2019

Pixel 3a Helped Double Google's Second Quarter Phone Sales

Google's parent, Alphabet, earned $38.9 billion in the second quarter of 2019. According to Google's CEO, the Pixel 3a's boost in sales drove the company's overall phone sales in the quarter.

Google July 26, 2019

Google's Biggest Fast Pair Update Is Adding True Wireless Features, Find My Device, Android Q Soon

At I/O 2019, Google announced that Fast Pair support will soon add True Wireless features, battery, Find My Device, Android Q, and other improvements. The biggest Fast Pair update will be live later this year.

Google July 24, 2019

Google Pixel 3a Gets 100 Points From DxOMark

Google's Pixel 3a has scored 100 points on the tests of camera-testing outfit DxOMark. That makes the midrange smartphone only one point behind its flagship sibling the Pixel 3.

Google July 19, 2019

Google To Make Chrome’s Incognito Mode More Private

Google is updating Chrome’s incognito browsing for a more private experience. Upon Chrome 76’s release, websites can no longer check the FileSystem API to detect if a user is Incognito Mode or not.

Google July 20, 2019

YouTube Music App Now Lets You Listen To Songs Without The Video

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers can now toggle between 'song' and 'video' modes. This gives them the option to listen to only the audio track or watch the music video of a song.

Google July 18, 2019

Google Will Now Give You Up To $30,000 For Finding Chrome Bugs

Google is increasing the payout for its Chrome bug bounty program. In addition to giving $30,000 high-quality report submissions, Google is also reserving the top $150,000 prize for someone who can find a very particular exploit.

Google July 19, 2019

Google Stadia Update: Reddit AMA Reveals New Details On Controller, ‘Free’ Games, Release Date, And More

A new Reddit AMA sheds light on some unknowns about the next big thing in gaming — Google Stadia. Unfortunately, it might not be the ‘Netflix for Games’ almost everyone is making it out to be.

Google July 19, 2019

This Could Be What The Google Pixel 4 Looks Like

Renders of the Pixel 4 have allegedly been leaked. Apparently, Google's next-generation Pixel might have a square camera housing on the back, USB-C port, and under-display fingerprint reader.

Google June 11, 2019

Google Stadia Games, Price, And Release Date Revealed

During its Stadia Connect presentation, Google disclosed more info about its new cloud gaming platform. Particularly, it has revealed the release date, price, and games of Stadia.

Google June 6, 2019

Google To Announce Stadia's Pricing, Games, And Launch Details

More details about Google's Stadia is about to be revealed. The company has announced Stadia Connect, an event where it's set to reveal the cloud gaming service's pricing, games, and launch details.

Google June 4, 2019

Google Services Are Back After Widespread Outages

After suffering outages, a number of Google services are now online again. The issues affected not only Google’s apps, but a number of sites and services, too.

Google June 3, 2019

Use Google Search AR To See How Big Animals Actually Are

How large is a tiger? If your phone is compatible with ARCore or ARKit, you can see a life-sized version of it. There’ll be more animals and objects, too — soon, you’ll be able to look at sneakers.

Google June 3, 2019

Play Store Now Rolling Out Material Design Revamp: Check It Out

Play Store now has a fresh new look. At long last, Material Design has finally arrived on the service, dropping tired old design changes for a cleaner, less cluttered look and feel.

Google June 1, 2019

Unknown ‘Media Device’ By Google Suddenly Shows Up On FCC

Per a new FCC filing, it appears Google is preparing an unknown media device. Speculation suggests it’s a new portable Nest smart home product, but no one knows for sure.

Google June 1, 2019

Google To No Longer Allow Regular Chrome Users To Use Ad Blockers

Google is set to implement changes on how Chrome extensions would work. By the same token, ad blocking on the browser will no longer be available to regular users.

Google May 31, 2019

Google Is Making Chrome OS And Android More Integrated Like iOS And macOS

Uncovered lines of code suggest Google is working for a more integrated ecosystem shared by both Chrome OS and Android. There’s no guarantee of these improvements ever coming out, of course.

Google May 27, 2019

Google Search, Maps, And Assistant Can Now Take Your Food Delivery Orders

Google's new service lets users place food delivery orders using only Search, Maps, or Assistant. That way, they won't have to use an app or anything like it anymore.

Google May 24, 2019

Think Google Duplex Is So Amazing? That’s Because Humans Are Actually Behind Some Calls

Google confirms 25 percent of Duplex calls are initiated by actual humans from a call center. But eventually, Google wants to remove humans out of equation.

Google May 23, 2019

Google's Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Goes Official With A $999 Price Tag

Google's new Glass Enterprise Edition 2 has finally been announced. It has a lot of improvements over its predecessor, such as a better processor and camera, and it's more affordable at $999 too.

Google May 21, 2019

Google Smart Displays Get Revamped Interface, New Homescreen

Google has made some adjustments to the Smart Display interface. The homescreen, for starters, is now not always stark-white, and several icons are gone for a cleaner, more streamlined look.

Google May 20, 2019

Google's 'My Case' Is No Longer Available

Google doesn't offer its 'My Case' and 'Live Case' programs anymore. From the look of things, it stopped the service when it announced the new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones at the I/O 2019 developer conference.

Google May 20, 2019

Google Has Been Secretly Tracking All Your Purchases Through Gmail

Google says it stores purchases to keep them all in one place. It claims it doesn’t use this information to target Gmail users with personalized ads.

Google May 19, 2019

Prepare To See Even More Ads On Google Apps

Google wants to serve up more ads on mobile. Soon, you’ll see them all over Google’s apps and services, including Gmail, YouTube, the Google app, and others.

Google May 16, 2019

Google’s Bluetooth Titan Security Keys Aren’t So Safe After All

If you’re using Google’s Bluetooth Titan Security Key, practice caution. The company has confirmed a security bug so serious that it’s going to issue free replacements to all existing users.

Google May 16, 2019

Google’s New Translatotron Converts Languages Directly And Talks Like You

Translatotron employs a sequence-to-sequence network model that looks at spectrograms to generate translations that sound like you. With this, Google hopes to open up future developments in the arena of translations.

Google May 16, 2019

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