Tesla's FSD Beta is now asking people to an agreement where it would mandatorily collect Front, Rear, and Cabin camera footages whenever an accident occurs for review purposes. Elon Musk agrees that this should be mandatory so that people cannot blame Tesla, the electric vehicle, or the Full-Self Driving feature in the case of an unfortunate event.

Tesla FSD Beta to Collect Camera Footages When Involved in Accidents

A photo showing the agreement has been revealed by a Tesla user and known fan of the company, Whole Mars Catalog, showing the new agreement by the company where the driver has to check on the feature.

This is for those that have FSD Beta enabled on their systems already, having a mandatory agreement that whenever they are involved in accidents using the FSD, camera footage will then be sent to Tesla for review.

Here, the Tesla FSD user said that whenever Tesla drivers get involved in accidents, there would be proof that would show what they were doing inside the vehicle, and show the situation around it. There would be no cases of blaming the Tesla FSD if it shows unresponsible handling of the feature and the EV, or when the driver is not practicing caution while using the autonomous feature.

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Elon Musk Reacts to New FSD Beta Policy on Accidents

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says "exactly" on the status of the fan regarding the FSD's camera footage collection when involved in accidents, especially as several accidents have already occurred on the road. The feature was brought in to have better access to accident footage involving a Tesla, having the chance to investigate the matter and correctly identify if it is a flaw of the feature or the driver.

Tesla's FSD Beta: Cameras to Prove Tech?

There are readily available footages of a Tesla FSD feature from those involved in accidents that belong to owners now but are not shared with the company for investigation purposes. There have been several accounts that Tesla was blamed for the accident while using FSD, saying that the feature is not unsafe and still unreliable on public roads.

Other users have not shared their camera footages from their Tesla vehicles, which led to NHTSA investigations that put the clean energy company in disputes or issues with its feature. The company has long advocated for road safety with the FSD Beta despite being in the trial stage only, something which they have been hesitant to release.

The FSD has been long in the beta for a reason, and it is because so that it can control those that still use it and test its features on the road to know what to improve. Despite being a work in progress, the feature is already showing promising assistance for some users, especially those that use the vehicle for their daily commute.

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