iPhone tricks on TikTok do not cease to impress the fans as these quick tips uncover a lot of secrets on your device. Recently, a new hack emerged on the platform which lets the users unlock a hidden emoji feature which is uncommon to many.

If you want to flood your friend with various emojis on his/her screen, here's what you should do to make this possible.

TikTok iPhone Trick: How to Unlock the Hidden Emojis

TikTok iPhone Hack Could Reveal Hidden Emoji Feature for Texts: Here's How it Works
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TikTok iPhone Hack Could Reveal Hidden Emoji Feature for Texts: Here's How it Works

The Sun first reported that an avid iPhone fan on TikTok shared how to unlock a series of emojis in one go. There are only a few steps that you can follow to achieve this kind of trick.

We break down the whole procedure in easy steps:

Open the Apple Messages App to access the iMessage

  1. Initiate a chat with a friend and type any emoji into the blank space for texts

  2. The usual way is to hit send. Instead of that, press and hold the Send icon.

  3. A hidden page will appear which will show you a lot of never-before-seen emojis.

  4. After that, click Screen at the top and select Send With Echo. The recipient could now see different emojis as he/she reads your message.

  5. The receiver could play the "Echo" as much as they wanted.

  6. To create a multi-icon Echo, type your desired emojis in the space.

If you have done the whole process, but the hidden emoji feature did not appear, your iPhone may have an outdated iOS version. Make sure that you regularly update your device's operating system to enable such a feature.

To do so, go to Settings. Look for General, then click Software Update. From here, you can now update your iPhone to its latest iOS version, New York Post reported on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

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TikTok iPhone Hack to Boost Your Phone's Battery Life

Besides the most recent TikTok iPhone trick about unlocking the hidden emojis, another influencer on the platform posted a video about prolonging the device's battery. 

Tech Times reported last October that this simple hack could extend the battery of your smartphone to make it last throughout the day. 

To achieve this trick, the TikTok user said that the first thing that you should do is to access the Settings of your iPhone. Go to the General and access the Background app Refresh.

The content creator added that users should first turn off that option in General. After that, go to the Motion and enable the Reduce Motion. In return, turn off Auto-Play Video Reviews and Auto-Play Message Effects.

Don't forget to check the System Services and toggle off the Location-Based Apple ads. The last step would be turning off the button that you can see before you proceed to Traffic and Improve Maps, Routing, and iPhone Analytics.

iPhone Trick For Emergency Cases

Tech Times earlier wrote that there was an important emergency SOS feature that would allow iPhone owners to call when they need help. To set it up, go to the "Emergency SOS" and share your location with your trusted people.

If you are having health issues and need calling for medical help, you can access the Health app on your device.

Remember that your information should only be shared with your family and friends since giving it away to strangers would be dangerous.

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