Cyber Monday is here, after the annual Black Friday sale of 2021, with a round of titles for the Xbox's digital platform having discounted titles for purchase via Walmart. The games are available to be bought by anyone, especially as it remains a digital purchase and not a disc that is usually on sale during these promotions or seasons. 

Cyber Monday: Xbox Deals from Walmart Focuses on Digital Titles

Cyber Monday is best known for being the sale opportunity that comes after Black Friday, where people focus on technology sales that are discounted and having deals from different retail companies. It could be from Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Costco, or other popular retail stores which offer their products at a discounted price to join the holidays and festivities. 

Now, these titles below were compiled to focus on sports gaming titles that are available for the digital platform. Most sale games during Cyber Mondays are on its Blu-Ray disc forms which are not for those owning the Xbox Series S or PlayStation 5 Disc edition. 

Good thing that several of these sporting games from Walmart are focused on bringing a discounted price for the Digital edition, also for the standard ones. 

Digital Titles on Sale from Walmart-Cyber Monday

Madden NFL 22

"Madden NFL 22" is best known for its popular focus on the American Football game in partnership with the National Football League and EA Sports. The focus of the game is to bring the different aspects of Football to the digital platform that involves the biggest names in the league, as well as those who are known to be figures of the past. 

The digital version of "Madden NFL 22" is available for both Xbox Series S and Series X via Walmart for $35 from $69.99. 

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"FIFA 22" is arguably one of the most popular sports titles here, also produced and developed by EA Sports that focuses on the Federation Internationale de Football Association's league. This type of football focuses on "soccer" best known for having the likes of Leonardo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Neymar Jr., Mbappe, and more names in the international football scene.

The game also has different leagues to compete on, which soccer fans can choose to play and compete on. 

The digital version of "FIFA 22" is available for both the Xbox Series S and Series X via Walmart for $26 from $59.98.

NHL 22

"NHL 22" is a sports game also from EA Sports that focus on hockey and its league in the United States known as the National Hockey League (NHL). The game shows controls and strategies that revolve around the icy tournament where players use a stick to get a puck in and score a goal. 

Ice Hockey is best known for its rowdy games. 

The digital version of "NHL 22" is available for both the Xbox Series S and Series X via Walmart for $35 from $69.98.

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