'Banking' Trojan Malware Hits Over 300,000 Android Users | List of Apps to Avoid on Google Play App Store
(Photo : Pathum Danthanarayana from Unsplash ) 'Banking' Trojan Malware Hits Over 300,000 Android Users | List of Apps to Avoid on Google Play App Store

Android smartphone users are the latest victims of the four banking trojan malware that ignores Google PlayStore's detection method. It turned out that they downloaded some malicious apps such as QR code scanners, crypto apps, and more.

The cybersecurity experts found out that these applications have advertising functions to avoid suspicions about their possible danger to Android devices.

Android Users Beware of Banking Trojan Malware

'Banking' Trojan Malware Hits Over 300,000 Android Users | List of Apps to Avoid on Google Play App Store
(Photo : Pathum Danthanarayana from Unsplash )
'Banking' Trojan Malware Hits Over 300,000 Android Users | List of Apps to Avoid on Google Play App Store

According to a report by ZDNet on Tuesday, Nov. 30, ThreatFabric analysts detected four kinds of malware that were recently downloaded on Android devices. The experts wrote that the most notorious among them all is the Anatsa malware which is a banking trojan that could steal users' credentials and other details such as passwords and email addresses.

This malware uses a keylogger which hackers utilize for easy recording of information in the device. Moreover, this malware is mostly present in certain applications such as PDF scanners and QR code readers. At the time of the report, more than 200,000 users suffered from this attack.

Another malware that ThreatFabric spotted was the Android banking trojan called Alien. This can ignore two-factor authentication securities. It was mentioned in the report that there were already 95,000 downloads in the Google Play Store connected to this malware.

IF you happen to stumble in a fitness app on the platform, you might want to check it for the second time around. Aline malware takes full control of these apps using a deceptive website that mimics a real one.

Over the recent months, Hydra and Ermac, the two other banking Trojan malware, recorded at least 15,000 installations. ThreatFabric found out that the two malicious software are connected to the banking malware group Brunhilda.

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The team discovered that these apps are either currently undergoing thorough review or are just removed right away upon inspection. Still, the cybercriminals could launch another series of attacks on mobile users, so you always check if the app that you are downloading is safe and free from viruses.

In an interview with ZDNet, ThreatFabric mobile malware specialist Dario Durando said that he is seeing the evolution of Android banking malware. Moreover, this could push the hackers to move to the mobile platform to infect unaware Android users.

The tricky part here is you cannot easily identify that the app is malicious in the first place, according to the researchers.

"A good rule of thumb is to always check updates and always be very careful before granting accessibility services privileges - which will be requested by the malicious payload, after the "update" installation - and be wary of applications that ask to install additional software," Durando said.

List of Malicious Apps to Avoid on Google Play Store

The experts warned the Android users that the following apps could steal their confidential information like bank accounts and even spy over their screenshots. They could also gain access to the 2FA codes and keystrokes. These are all possible to do using the Automatic Transfer System (ATSs) tool.

For instance, users who downloaded a QR code scanner could receive phishing links or even suspicious ads. Cybersecurity analysts said that these apps should be avoided at all costs.

The Hackers News listed the applications on Google Play Store that you should not click, download, or install.

  • PDF Document Scanner - Scan to PDF (com.xaviermuches.docscannerpro2)

  • PDF Document Scanner Free (com.doscanner.mobile)

  • CryptoTracker (cryptolistapp.app.com.cryptotracker)

  • Gym and Fitness Trainer (com.gym.trainer.jeux)

  • Two Factor Authenticator (com.flowdivison)

  • Protection Guard (com.protectionguard.app)

  • QR CreatorScanner (com.ready.qrscanner.mix)

  • Master Scanner Live (com.multifuction.combine.qr)

  • QR Scanner 2021 (com.qr.code.generate)

  • QR Scanner (com.qr.barqr.scangen)

In another report by Tech Times, authorities remained to be on the hunt for the Russian REvil hacker who has been living lavishly in a Siberian hideout. The FBI officials are now chasing the criminal who was still at large.

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