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iRobot announced that they'd released a holiday-themed update for their latest Roomba to help handle the cleaning demands of Christmas trees.

The J7 and the J7+ robot vacuums can identify shoes, socks and avoid them, and they can also go around your Christmas tree so it does not get knocked down.

iRobot's Holiday Update

The build and feature of items like Christmas trees, shoes, and socks are added to the vacuum's control software and navigation. The navigation feature and the control software were released in August 2020, according to The Verge.

The software uses machine vision to be able to identify shapes of furniture and specific clean zones. For example, if you have a dining table that you want the iRobot Roomba to clean after a meal, you can program it to do so.

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The Roomba also has a keep-out zone in which the vacuum will avoid certain areas like under a TV stand filled with cables, so it won't get caught on it.

When it comes to Christmas trees, the two iRobot models will be able to identify the area around the tree as a clean zone.

You can specifically direct it to clean the pine needles and dust and keep the middle section a keep out zone so it won't bump into the tree and knock it over.

The new feature is very helpful to those who has no time to redecorate their tree every time it gets knocked over. According to iRobot, the holiday tree update on its AI was rolled out on Nov. 29.

The company announced socks and shoe avoidance together with the iRobot J7+'s dog feces detecting feature back in September. However, at the time, the company said that it would be adding a firmware update later this year.

The socks and shoe detection is handy given how much of a problem shoelaces are for Roombas. Aside from pet feces, shoes, and socks, the two iRobot models can also detect and accurately avoid cords.

Together with the new detection and avoidance features, iRobot says that its robots with smart mapping features can transfer their maps from one robot vacuum to another.

The feature is helpful for those who plan to upgrade their Roomba. Instead of having to map your home all over again, the iRobot Roombas that support the smart mapping technology of the company can automatically transfer the maps to new robots. The feature was rolled out on Oct. 13.

Aside from the Roomba, iRobot is also reportedly creating a robotic lawnmower, but the release date is still unknown.

iRobot Discount

If you wish to get your own iRobot vacuum, you can get one at a discounted rate this holiday season. You can get the iRobot Roomba J7+ at Amazon for only $649, you can save up to $200.99.

The iRobot Roomba J7+ have amazing navigation and cleaning capabilities. The vacuum is easy to store, and you can easily connect it with Alexa devices and the iRobot Genius app so you can effectively monitor and schedule your cleanings.

According to USA Today, the iRobot Roomba J7+ is the most flexible one out of all the robot vacuums as it can accommodate almost any need.

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