iRobot's Roomba New Feature: Poop Detection - Automatic Replacement if Feature Fails
(Photo : Screenshot From iRobot Website) iRobot's Roomba New Feature: Poop Detection - Automatic Replacement if Feature Fails

iRobot Roomba evolves once again with the new $849 Roomba j7+ taking on the greatest next challenge, poop detection. It is the first time that a vacuum robot is set to recognize obstacles in real-time.

Roomba j7+ P.O.O.P.

According to the story by Engadget, for pet owners, this could be the reason to adopt a robot vacuum. In order to ease concerns, iRobot is now making a Pet Owner Official Promise or P.O.O.P that if the j7+ runs into poop within the first year of purchase, iRobot will replace the vacuum.

Although the j7+ is technically the smartest iRobot Roomba, it is not the most powerful. The Roomba j7+ comes with a more powerful camera, some better sensors, and also more processing power. It can also automatically empty its very own bin whenever it is full into a redesigned "Clean Base."

iRobot Roomba j7+ Features

Users will be able to tuck the Roomba into a corner, under the table, or in other small places instead of needing a dedicated floor space. With the new "PrecisionVision Navigation," the j7+ is capable of detecting specific objects and alerting owners of obstacles on the iRobot app after a cleaning job.

Users can also label them as either permanent or maybe temporary obstructions, which would also help assist the Roomba. The new vacuum robot relies on computer vision. iRobot had to reportedly train the new j7+ model to be able to recognize objects from floor level. The previous Roomba i7 had posed risk of short circuiting with their docking stations.

CEO of iRobot Announces Upgrade

As of the moment, Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot notes that it can already recognize a pair of corded headphones should they be on the ground, and soon, the iRobot will also be able to handle socks and shoes as well. When it comes to poop, the company had to put in a lot of work for machine learning to take place.

iRobot reportedly plans to bring the j7+'s sensors to its future models as well. The company, however, wanted to introduce them into something that more and more people could afford to buy instead of just the high-end models. As of the moment, the 360 S7 robot vacuum is also a budget cleaning robot that is competitively competing with Roomba today.

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j7+ Uses Genius 3.0 Software

The j7+ uses Genius 3.0 software which is expected to also roll out for the other connected vacuums. This would build on the features that were previously introduced last 2020, including better apps, smart scheduling, and even routine triggers.

Through adding cleaning estimates, users will be able to have the iRobot Roomba automatically clean while they are away. The new OS smarts will allow the vacuum robot to suggest room labels while they map out the owner's house.

Learn more about the new iRobot Roomba j7+ by going to their website and checking out more about the robot vacuum. The new poop detection feature could be a popular feature for pet owners.

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